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Fight against Breast Cancer

Dear readers,early detection is the best defense against Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer ranks second among
cancer deaths in women. When breast
cancer is detected early, the five-year
survival rate is greater than 95

Anything that increases your chance
of getting cancer is a risk factor.
Anything that decreases your chance
of developing cancer is cancer

Some of the Risk Factors are:

• Being female is the greatest risk factor

• Women older than 40

• Women older than 35 whose mother
or sister has had breast or ovarian
cancer or father had prostate cancer

• Women who have never been
pregnant or who first become
pregnant after age 30

• Women who have had cancer in one
breast or atypical ductal hyperplasia

• Women who started menstruation
before age 12 or menopause at age 55
or older

• Women who are obese with excessive
caloric and fat intake

If you want to self-assess
yourself,check for:

•A change in the feel or look of the

• A change in the size or shape of the

• A lump or thickening in or near the
breast or in the underarm area.

• A warm sensation in the breast
A change in the feel or look of the

• A retraction of the nipple

• A discharge from the nipple(i.e Blood or fluid other than breast milk secreted from the nipple)

• A rash on the nipple or areola

• Nipple tenderness, increased
sensitivity or pain

• A change in the feel or look of the skin
of the breast, areola or nipple

• Dimpling of the skin on the breast
(like the skin of an orange)

• The appearance of irritated, red, scaly or swollen skin on the breast, nipple or areola

• Breast pain. (though breast pain is usually associated with benign breast disease rather than breast cancer, it can be a symptom of either condition.

Breast Self-Exam

Monthly breast self-exams along with
mammography at recommended
intervals are essential for early
detection of breast cancer. Not sure
about how to do a breast exam? Refer
to the following examination guidelines.

- Step One … in the shower
Stand in the shower and with fingers
flat (use the pad of your fingers)
move your hand gently over every part
of each breast. Check for a lump, knot
or thickening. Use right hand for left
breast, left hand for right breast.

-Step Two … in front of a mirror
With your hands at your sides, visually
check for lumps and depressions.
Then, placing your palms on your hips,
press down firmly, flex your chest
muscles and check again. Don’t worry
if your breasts don’t match.

-Step Three … in front of a mirror
Now raise your arms overhead. Look
for changes in the contour of each
breast as well as swelling or dimpling
of the skin and changes in the nipple.

-Step Four … lying down
To examine your right breast, place a
pillow or folded towel under your right
shoulder and, with elbow bent, lay your
right hand on your forehead. Do the
same procedure for the other side.

-Step Five … lying down
With fingers flat, use your left hand
to press an imaginary clock face on
your right breast. Check for lumps or
depressions. A ridge of firm tissue in
the lower ridge is normal. Move in an
inch toward the nipple and make the
same circling motion again and again
until you reach the center. Repeat with
right hand, left breast.

-Step Six … lying down
Gently squeeze the nipple of each
breast. Check for any unusual
discharge, clear or bloody. Report any
lumps, thickening or discharge you
discover during this examination to
your doctor immediately.

Take part and show support in the
against cancer Today!

Adapted from the National Cancer
Institute, American Cancer Society,
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention and Susan G. Komen for the

Gugu Mbatha-Raw For Elle’s Women In Hollywood Issue November 2014

Gugu Mbatha-Raw By Paola Kudacki For Elle’s Women In Hollywood Issue November 2014

Style Star : Jessica Alba

Today the spotlight is on Jessica Alba and her incredible style. Jessica Alba’s style can be described as fun,very feminine and elegant.

Whether she is on the Red Carpet

Or looking super chic in Blazers

Or taking a walk on the street

She always looks effortlessly beautiful……..

and we absolutely love her style

Jessica Alba definitely has star style in our eyes.

Anne Hathaway covers Harper’s Bazaar Magazine for November 2014

Adesuwa Onyenokwe covers TW Magazine

Food for thought

Lupita Nyong’o by AlexibLubomurski for Marie Claire UK Magazine October 2014

Rochelle Humes covers Cosmopolitan UK Photographed by Ben Riggott

Rosario Dawson covers Cosmopolitan for Latinas Fall 2014 Issue

My Favourite looks this week.

Rachael Zoe

Mishael Morgan

Taylor Swift. Nice legs Taylor

Alexa Chung

Jessica Alba

Naya Rivera

Kourtney Kardashian. Pregnancy really looks good on her.

So..What do your nails say about you?

Originally posted on Layonie Jae's:


I think if I had to choose from these I’d choose Stiletto however in general I prefer them more oval..

What nail shape do you prefer?

Layonie Jae xxxx 💅

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Summer Time with a Red Balloon

Originally posted on Lady D Makeup:

Mac Red Balloon Lipstick

Mac Red Balloon Lipstick

I received a Mac gift card for my birthday last year, I’m actually quite shocked I held out this long. I was actually waiting for Mac to put out something that really caught my eye and spoke to me until I obsessed and dreamed about it. Oh the mind of a makeup addict!  And I missed out on the Punk Couture collection(I’m glad I did because I have enough dark lipsticks).

Mac usually puts out some really nice lip shades for spring and summer. I bought Red Balloon and as you can see it’s not quite red, at least on my lips. I LOVE Mac’s Amplified finishes so this was a no brainer to me. I really wish they had more Amplified because the finish gives excellent coverage and silky smooth. Sigh… I really like this lipstick although I’m sure it can be easily duped. This…

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For your Menswear and Lumber jacks. Call 08060312643 08039162004 bb pin 2A58D345.


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