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ROV Wears

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My Favourite looks this week.

Rachael Zoe

Mishael Morgan

Taylor Swift. Nice legs Taylor

Alexa Chung

Jessuca Alba

Naya Rivera

Kourtney Kardashian. Pregnancy really looks good on her.

So..What do your nails say about you?

Originally posted on Layonie Jae's:


I think if I had to choose from these I’d choose Stiletto however in general I prefer them more oval..

What nail shape do you prefer?

Layonie Jae xxxx 💅

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Summer Time with a Red Balloon

Originally posted on Lady D Makeup:

Mac Red Balloon Lipstick

Mac Red Balloon Lipstick

I received a Mac gift card for my birthday last year, I’m actually quite shocked I held out this long. I was actually waiting for Mac to put out something that really caught my eye and spoke to me until I obsessed and dreamed about it. Oh the mind of a makeup addict!  And I missed out on the Punk Couture collection(I’m glad I did because I have enough dark lipsticks).

Mac usually puts out some really nice lip shades for spring and summer. I bought Red Balloon and as you can see it’s not quite red, at least on my lips. I LOVE Mac’s Amplified finishes so this was a no brainer to me. I really wish they had more Amplified because the finish gives excellent coverage and silky smooth. Sigh… I really like this lipstick although I’m sure it can be easily duped. This…

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July’14 Favorites

Originally posted on Mammu Likes:

È di nuovo ora di preferiti! Anche questo mese sono stata abbastanza noiosa, quando si tratta di trucco – caldo e pigrizia hanno fatto il loro.

It’s favorites time again! Also this month I’ve been pretty boring, when it comes to makeup – hot weather and lazyness did their job.


 Il primo preferito è questo blush arancione dal 10 color blush palette di BH cosmetics. Mi piace perché è allegro e divertente come colore, è estate in blush! ^_^

The first favorite is this orange blush from the BH cosmetics 10 color blush palette. I like this color, cause it’s fun and joyful, it’s summer in a blush! ^_^



Il prossimo preferito non me l’aspettavo – KIKO Ultimate Pen eyeliner. Sto cercando di finirlo, quindi dopo un bel po’ ho ripreso ad usarlo e l’ho riscoperto. È davvero utile, quando dei di fretta perché è facilissimo da usare. In questo mese…

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KeKe Palmer for Bombshell Magazine

North West In Chanel By Michael Avedon For CR Fashion Book Issue 5

North West In Chanel By Michael
Avedon For CR Fashion Issue 5

And Then Like My Dreams—Margaret Rose Stringer

Originally posted on J.D. Gallagher:


And Then Like My Dreams (published by Fremantle Press) is the memoir of Margaret Rose Stringer, the widow of Charles ‘Chic’ Stringer, one of the Australian film industry’s most respected stills-men of the 1970s and 1980’s.

It is a memoir that takes in the landscape of two lives spent together, a lifetime of memories and events, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, from the authors youth and adoloscense and the defining moment when she first meets her future husband Charles Stringer.

The reader follows them on their journey across Europe, around Australia, and through events like ball lighting destroying the house Chic had just finished building, their shared love of cats, music and art, Plácido Domingo concerts and even dinner with Domingo himself, there are many funny (a TV game show the author was working on where she had to come up with melody lines for songs contestants had to…

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My Favourite looks this week

North West is such a cute Baby.

Zoe Saldana Covers Cosmo for Latinas

Couple forces their son out of house to make him get a job

Xu Qing 29-year-old, from Beijing, moved back to parents’ house after dropping out of university,after insisting he did not get on with his roommates.
He refused to get a job and spends all his time online

He met a girl online,also jobless, who eventually moved in with him. His parents fed up with his attitude and behavior asked Xu Qing and his “girlfriend” to either get a job or move out.

His father Ku arranged for him to have a job at a friend’s company, he walked out announcing that it was too boring.

When he refused to get a job and didn’t move out,his parents applied in court to get him to move out.

They court ruled in favour of the parents that although Qing was their son, at the age of 29 they had no more obligation to support him and that as it was their house they could also force him to move out.

When he and his girlfriend refused to follow the court’s 60 day deadline, the couple applied for an eviction notice to have bailiffs remove their son, his girlfriend and their property.

Honestly I think its unfortunate and such a shame that the parents are stuck with a son like this.

—-These are some of the comments by Internet users in China.

‘Having this kind of son is really pathetic. Just keep it in mind: Don’t spoil kids,’ one user said.

Another commented: ‘It’s just a mirror of today’s education.’

‘The parents have brought up such a spoiled prince,’ one web user added.

‘They actually asked for it!’

Source — Dailymail

Stephanie Okereke covers Mania Magazine


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ROV Wears

For your Menswear and Lumber jacks. Call 08060312643 08039162004 bb pin 2A58D345.


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