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A Cheque for $2million was found on a train in Madrid.

A subway worker Emilio Guerra, found a cheque for $2million (£1.2million) in Madrid,Spain.

Emilio Guerra found the cheque in a wallet stuck in-between two doors at a repair depot in Madrid.

The wallet which he handed over to his depot shift Manager,also contained a driving licence, credit cards and is said to belong to a 49-year-old Californian man who is assumed to be a Tourist.

The check was issued by Bank of America, and it’s post-dated to January 2014.The wallet was later handed over to police who are trying to locate its owner.

A spokesman for the police reportedly said this:

“We have his name. We’re trying to locate this person,but we won’t just hand it over. We have to verify that the origin of the money is not illicit.’

Imagine losing a $2million Cheque. I hope they locate the owner and Emilio’s honesty pays off for him.


Woman discovers flesh-eating maggots in her ear after holiday

Her story features on a new Discovery Channel documentary called Bugs, Bites And Parasites.

A British lady Rochelle Harris, 27, had started experiencing severe headaches when she returned to UK following her visit to the South American country Peru with her boyfriend.

She is said to have developed sharp shooting pains down one side of her face and also began to hear strange scratching sounds in her head. She woke up the next morning to find her pillow soaked in fluid.
Doctors initially thought it could be a minor ear infection but she was referred to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) team.

The ENT specialist found a small hole in the ear canal and then discovered the maggots.
An emergency brain scan showed no damage had been done to her ear drum, blood vessels or facial nerve,but showed that the maggots had chewed a 12mm hole in her ear canal.

They tried to drown the Maggots by flooding the canal with olive oil but they survived and only two were removed.
Further examination discovered eight maggots which were sent to a laboratory for analysis.
It was later discovered that a New World screw worm fly had laid eggs inside her ear.

Rochelle said she remembered walking through a swarm of flies when in Peru and a fly had got inside her ear. But once she had shooed it away she thought nothing more of it.

The good news is she is not expected to suffer any long-term problems

Miss World bans bikinis for 2013 contest in Indonesia

Well guys its true. Bikinis have been banned from the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant.

For this year’s Miss World pageant, the contestants will wear Bali’s traditional long sarongs.
The event will be held in Indonesia on September 28, on the resort island of Bali and in Sentul, an area near the capital, Jakarta.

This is as a result of the protests from Muslim groups . Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with the highest Muslim Population .

The chairwoman of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley,confirmed that none of the 137 contestants would wear a bikini. She said :

“Indonesia is designing for us a very beautiful one-piece beachwear,and I’m very happy with them,”
“The pageant will include a special beachwear fashion show.
“I don’t think Indonesia is the only country that has that culture, but we like to work in the manner respectful to every country, and I cannot see why when you go to somebody’s country you should not behave respectfully.”

Adjie S. Soeratmadjie of the RCTI, the official broadcaster and local organiser reportedly also said,

“There will no bikini in this year’s Miss World pageant to respect our traditional customs and values,” adding that the London-based Miss World Organization is on board with the decision.
“This is a sensitive issue in Indonesia. We have discussed it since last year and they have agreed,” he said.

Boston Explosions: Explosions at Boston Marathon,2 people dead.

At least 2 people dead and about 73 people were reported hurt in a simultaneous double explosion at the Boston Marathon Finish Line. The explosions are reported to have occurred at 2:45pm after nearly 27,000 runners had crossed the finish line.
However the Boston Globe is reporting a much higher injury count as of now. They report that at least 107 people are being treated for injuries at the local hospitals.
According to the Boston Globe via Twitter President Obama said:
“We will get to the bottom of this. We will find out who did this. We will find out why they did this.”

According to reports,the two blasts occurred along Boylston Street near Copley Square about 50 to 100 yards apart.
My heart and prayers are with those who have lost a loved one and are injured.

P.s: Google has established a person-finder related to the Boston bombings. People who are looking for someone or have information about someone can make reports there.

Photo credit: Audrina1759,CNN and The Boston Globe.

Immortality??? Meet Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov who plans to make Immortality possible by 2045.

Yes its true. Thirty two-year-old Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov has been on this project since 2011 when he founded the 2045 Initiative.

Itskov has recruited several scientists and also wrote an open letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, asking him to support to push society’s transition to “neo-humanity.” He also wrote to all the Billionaires on Forbes list July last year (2012) to support the project.

According to the website Digital Trends.His ultimate goal is to transfer a person’s mind or consciousness from a living brain into a machine with that its personality and memories intact.

Itskov hopes the Initiative will have learned enough about the human mind to free it completely from physical form finally, by 2045.

The “Cyborg” will take no physical form, but will exist in a network similar to the Internet and be able to travel at the speed of light all over the Earth, or even into the space,something like what we saw in the Movie Avatar.

Itskov’s first project, called Avatar A, involves a person controlling a robotic human replica through a brain-machine interface (BMI), a technology that already exists.
The deadline for this first stage is set for 2020, as reported.

According to the project website they said:
“We believe that it is possible and necessary to eliminate ageing and even death, and to overcome the fundamental limits of the physical and mental capabilities currently set by the restrictions of the physical body,”

The Avatar B, due in 2025, would involve transplanting a human brain into an artificial body “at the end of one’s life.”

The Avatar C, due around 2035, that would also involve a human-machine brain transplant, but with all personality traits intact.


My big, fat Nigerian wedding:” CNN features Nigeria’s wedding craze


If you have been reading my blog religiously,you should know by now that  i am Nigerian and a proud one at that.CNN recently featured the Nigerian wedding boom on Inside Africa.Let me tell you a bit about  Nigerian Weddings.

Nigerian weddings takes 3 different phases, First is the introduction, – A man finds a lady he loves, traditions demands that he makes consultations, then goes ahead to see the father  and her family,and very close relatives are invited to hear what the man has to say, then a date is fixed for the traditional wedding – This is the formal introduction.

The Nigeria traditional wedding is carried out at the house of the girl’s father, as the name implies – it is traditional wedding, and traditional rights are carried out, it involves lots of protocols.

After the Traditional wedding comes the church wedding, this is performed always in the church, it is the loudest of Nigerian weddings as the entire world is invited and the man is dressed on suit while the lady is on her wedding gown. Most Christians can only give their daughter fully to a man after the church wedding, as it is termed – ‘the wedding before God.’ The church wedding sees the priest or pastor involved, joining the two in holy matrimony

Then the signing of register, followed by the celebration, the party, the foods and drinks ( commonly called item 7 in Nigeria).


This is an  Excerpt  from the feature done by CNN. (All the pictures are from different Nigerian weddings)

UK-based makeup artist Lola Ibekwe caters specifically to Nigerian weddings and has been hired by brides who fly her, all expenses paid, to Nigeria for their weddings.
She said to CNN, “Nigerian brides really know what they want and demand the very best. Some of them have been influenced by the big weddings of Hollywood stars and don’t mind spending big to achieve the perfect look on their big day. Most of the brides I work with reserve a big part of their budget for makeup because the pictures will last a lifetime.”

Bridal wear and couture designer Yemi Osunkoya wedding gowns highly sought-after by Nigerian brides. He attends about 15 of his clients’ weddings in Nigeria each year, and his London-based label, Kosibah, is at the heart of that country’s booming wedding industry. Last month, it was one of 129 businesses exhibiting at Lagos’  Wed Expo Exhibition, which drew 10,000 attendees over two days.

Weddings in Nigeria are colorful, creative and extravagant productions, with guest lists of up to 2,000 people considered standard.

“In England, if you had 400 people at a wedding, that would be considered a huge number,” Bridal wear and couture designer Yemi Osunkoya said.

“In Nigeria, if you had 400 guests, people would say ‘Oh, dear,’ ” he continues. “The more (people) you have there, the more friends it seems you have.”

The publisher of Wed magazine, a Magazine with  a wedding-focus that launched in Nigeria last year, Eso said the typical Nigerian wedding has evolved in recent years into a high-concept “production.”

“I would say weddings are one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria right now,” said the event’s organizer, Akin Eso. “A lot of people term it that they’re ‘going into events’ — but the money is really in the wedding industry.”

“There’s always been this joy around weddings, but now there’s also this whole creativity: It’s more like a production, and nobody knows where it’s going to stop,” he said. “People just imagine it and make it happen.”
Themes such as a “snow wedding” would involve decorating the entire hall to match the concept, he said.
“Ten years back, you would normally do all the arrangements for the wedding yourself or with your friend,” he said. “Now, for every aspect of the wedding there’s a vendor that can help you.”

The trend has been driven by the many young Nigerians living overseas, who had introduced ambitious ideas for wedding themes, along with the concept of the wedding planner: a professional event organizer who could realize the happy couple’s vision for their big day, typically at their parents’ expense.
Osunkoya said families typically put much effort and expense into the event, as a wedding was an important status symbol — although “not in a negative way.”

“Most times in Nigeria, the parents take care of the wedding ,” he said. “It s a thing of joy to have your children married, so most of the time, the parents want to go all out. That’s where you see total creativity.”Damola & Debisi

Wonu & Funso's Wedding

Another distinctive feature of the Nigerian wedding was the wearing of “aso-ebi.” The phrase, which translates from the Yoruba language as “clothes of the family,” refers to the garments of matching fabric worn by the bride’s family and friends at the ceremony.
The couple would wear traditional dress, with the bride usually wearing a traditional fabric gifted to her by her new parents-in-law, sometimes sewn into a modern Afrocentric design.Although, in recent years, it is not uncommon to see the entire party wearing the aso-ebi.

Zen Magazine Editorial Feature on Nunu Wako

Zen Magazine did an exclusive with Nunu Wako.  Nunu Wako is an International model, Spokeswoman & Talk-Show Host  of The NuNu Wako Show . She was the winner of Nautica Jeans & Vibe Magazine National U.S. Model Search in 2005 and also the host of her very own talk show ‘The NuNU Wako Show’, Nunu sat  with Zen to discuss what inspired her to start her own talk show, her memorable moments from being a model & why she got involved in the Ivorian Hope Organization.

She looks Beautiful right?

Chris Brown new Toy Collection called ‘Dum English’

Chris Brown put on his first ever art exhibition to coincide with the launch of his new toy range . BowWow also came out to support Chris.Chris was promoting the ‘Dum English’ range “Dum English,” a limited edition toy astronaut collection. Chris held a toy signing at the Tag Toy Store in Hollywood, CA He wore a grey beanie and embroidered white shirt. He was with street artist Ron English – who designed the album cover to ‘F.A.M.E.’.

Chris and Ron then headed to the Corey Helford Gallery where the star’s art collection was on display and the two got involved with designing a piece live during the show.

Chris Brown

Don Jazzy new Record label – Mavin Records

Don Jazzy announced his new label via Twitter today. The name is Mavin Records .Tiwa Savage has been signed as the label’s first female artist. According to Don Jazzy more artists will be signed to the label soon. The artistes previously under Mohits records are now with Mavin Records (aside from Dbanj and Kay switch of course).
don jazzy's Mavin Records
A compilation album titled Solar Plexus, produced by Don Jazzy and featuring Wande Coal, Dr Sid, D’Prince and Tiwa Savage will also be released tomorrow.
don jazzy's Mavin Records

Lady Gaga out and about.

lady gaga

Lady Gaga stepped out in Hong Kong in a Monochrome Moschino dress and heels,opaque tights and a pair of white sunglasses.She was out and about yesterday after announcing that she was ending her relationship with Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney. I love hair (obviously a wig) and make-up . She looks Fabulous. We  need to see  her more with this kinds of normal looks.

N.B: Her Sunglasses look like  Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

My interview with Chinenye Ezurike

Chinenye Ezurike,was the winner of Miss Nigeria USA 2011 Pageant.I knew Chinenye way back when she was based in Nigeria and from what i remember and have heard ,  i know she is a beautiful person both inside and out. She has been very busy in the past one year with her pet project  and hasn’t granted a lot of interviews,although a lot of blogs and other media have done features on her,so i was delighted that i was able to interview her.As her tenure as Queen comes to an end,i wanted  her to tell me about her experiences,regrets and joys  as reigning Queen and lots more enjoy!

  1. Let’s get to know you, (tell us about Chinenye) – My name is Chinenye chichi Ezurike. I attended Prime Montessori primary school and Kings High school For secondary school in Nigeria and left after jss3 and now I am a senior student currently at Eastern Illinois university major in FCS and minor in business . I am proud to say I am Miss Nigeria USA 2011.
  2. What made you go into the competition – miss Zambia USA 2008 mutinta suya who is now a close friend of mine saw great potential in me and convinced me to do it.
  3. What is the beauty competition about/stand for? – miss Africa USA is a pageant for young women in the united states to have a platform and become a positive mentor to younger girls in the UsA and Africa. Focused on giving back to the community (you can check out ) for more info
  4.  Has it always been your dream to be a beauty queen or model? No I tried it and I enjoyed it
  5.  What is/was your pet project as a reigning queen? my platform as Miss Nigeria USA was to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS I am partnered with a charity Rise Africa and we are spreading the word through fashion and social media about knowing your status! Your readers should please visit for more info
  6. Has wining the competition affected your education in any way? How has your life changed so far since u won? – winning the competition did not affect my education because it is all about balance I made sure I focused on school on weekdays and pageant on weekends, also using a daily planner to keep me on trackmy life has been a little different, the pageant is a scholastic pageant not focused on beauty, I have used this opportunity to see the good in what I can do for others
  7. Who are your mentors in life . – my mentors in life are the women I am surrounded by and they are my mother and sisters; I am the youngest of four girls and I have to opportunity to learn from their mistake and also look up to them, they guide me positively towards my own goal
  8. Are you single  -Yes I am
  9.  Do you think people’s perception of beauty competitions are changing in Nigeria compared to the past? – Yes I think my country has evolved, beauty pageants are just not about the external looks but also judge internally
  10. Do you listen to Nigerian music? — yes I love Nigerian music?
  11. Who are your favorite Nigerian artiste and why?  – – Flavor Nabania, and MI are my favorite Nigerian artistes because I can relate to their lyrics and also dance to it.
  12. Tell us some of your favorite designers, local and internationally. – I have no favorite  designer .I basically like anything that looks good and makes me feel good and  stand out.


14. Advice for Nigerian youths – Firstly my advice to  anyone in general is ………don’t sleep on your dreams! Take one step at a time. Nigerian youths we are the future, we need to realize that, we need more active youths who are ready to better our country and I am peaking to all Nigerian youths in the diaspora and in Africa

15. Where do you see yourself in five years? – In five years I see myself planning to settle down start my own family, working in my career field. I also see Rise Africa my campaign bigger and better raise funds and awareness to different African countries.

16. Thank you so much .


Cannes Film Festival 2012 Fashion! –

Kanye West,Kim Kardashian,Amia Miley Tweet Pic Controversy –

MET Gala 2012 –

Kim Kardashian out and about

Valeria Lukyanova,a real-life Barbie Doll? –

The Iphone “Knucklecase”, New Fashion Accessory?

So i saw this  iPhone case .It is designed to be used only as a handle and protective accessory for an iPhone,also known as the “Knucklecase”. So i think this is by far the coolest iPhone case out there today!For some like me who keeps losing phones,i think its a perfect idea.Rihanna was photographed with though.It might just become the latest trend around. What do guys think? Do you like it?

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