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ROV Wears

For your Menswear and Lumber jacks. Call 08060312643 08039162004 bb pin 2A58D345.


Retro post: Miss Nigeria at Miss Universe 1964.

Black beauty.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!! Our Country,our pride. God bless Nigeria and God bless Africa!!!!

I celebrate today with Nigerians all over the world. Today Nigeria Celebrates 53years from British Colonial rule.


Happy Birthday Bishop Oyedepo

Happy Birthday Bishop Oyedepo. God’s General is 59!!!

Bishop Oyedepo is the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide,the church which from 1999-2008 had the
largest church auditorium in the world(50,400 seat church) by the Guinness Book of Records.

He is also one of the pioneers of the Christian charismatic movement in Africa.

Style the Nigerian way.

I have decided to start  a category dedicated to showing the street style  of Nigerians ,and  what the most stylish and fashionable Nigerians are wearing as time goes by.Everyone knows the most Stylish Africans are Nigerians, i am not bragging just stating the fact. This looks are from recent events that just held in Nigeria,from the recent Rick Ross concert,to  a Fashion line launch etc Enjoy!  Photo credits Bella Naija. Check out bellanaija  for more Nigerian content.

Linda Ikeji (ex-Model turned Gossip Blogger)

Karen Igho

Yvonne Ekwere


Bola Balogun, Michelle Dede, Fade Ogunro, Didi Ocheja

Nike Oshinowo on the Cover of Mania Magazine August Issue

Nike Oshinowo is  on the Cover of  the new issue of  Mania Magazine looking Beautiful as always.Mid forties is looking real good . I am telling you,there is something about this Era ,people are refusing to age! In the Magazine she talks about the  Miss Nigeria Pageant  and Elohor Aisien?


Elohor Aisien takes over from Nike Oshinowo as Creative Director of the Miss Nigeria Pageant

Nigerian All Star Photo-shoot for DSTV Africa Magic

Sozzi African print clutch

Viv La Resistance A/W 2012 Collection Lookbook

This is the lookbook  for Nigerian-based luxe women’s wear and accessories brand Viv La Resistance for its A/W 12 Collection



Kunle & Bimbo “Nigerian Ken and Barbie” Traditional Wedding Photoshoot.

I did a post not too long ago titled “My Big fat Nigerian wedding” were i talked about how extravagant and party Crazy Nigerians can be when it comes to Weddings. . Here is this Beautiful presentation of our Traditional Wedding with Dolls used. Its too cute .

This photo-shoot was taken by Nigerian photographer Obi Nwokedi ,who said he was inspired by  French photographer Beatrice’s “Barbie and Kens” wedding shoot on Italian Vogue,and he decided to create a Nigerian Traditional wedding shoot with Kunle and Bimbo (black Barbie and Ken) . His wife designed all the outfits.Everything  took 5 months to complete.

The Bride with her friends getting ready

Hair and Make -up , have to be Perfect for the Photographs.

Check out the Jewellery

The tiny Louboutins. Cute!

The Bride in her Traditional Dress

The Entrance : When the Bride and her Friends make their Entrance
The Groom Kunle

Some of the Guests

Kunle and his Friends

Kunle asking for his Fiancee’s hand in Marriage from her Family

Bimbo the Bride

The Couple’s First Dance
Party Time
We love to Party!

Ojy Okpe covers Mania Magazine’s 2012 special travel issue.

The new issue of Mania Magazine is out!It features  Nigerian supermodel Ojy Okpe and and a lot of travel destinations, holiday trends, travel dairies and more  .Get an eyeful of various travel destinations such as Calabar, Oshogbo in Nigeria and more  and more with compelling fashion editorials. Profiles of individuals such as W4, Tolu Ogunlesi, Bobo Omotayo, Ezinne Chinkata

Behind the scence Photos of Dare’s Sisi Eko remix

Nigerian RnB singer Darey Art Alade shot the Video for his Sisi Eko remix Single . The video was shot at  Broad Street, Marina (down-town) Lagos,Nigeria.(I guess they were able to use Broad street cos its was a Sunday,that area  is always so busy.)
The video  was Directed by Mark Hofemeyr of Trade Pictures and  Clarence Peters, and will features cameo appearances from Ali Baba, Jimmy JATT, Tosyn Bucknor Julius Agwu, Omawumi, Waje, Skales, Kaffy, Christopher Okagbue (Gulder Ultimate Search 8 winner), TeeY Mix , Mo’eazy. I sincerely hope the video comes out nice.

Here are the photos:

  Darey Art Alade and Clarence Peters

Tosyn Bucknor

Ayo Animashaun , and Ali Baba

Ayo Animashaun , Dr Sid and Darey

Christopher Okagbue

Dj Jimmy Jatt and Dr Sid

Flavor and Darey on set

President jonathan in vogue italia

I am pleased to report that Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has been featured in the Vogue L’uomo section of the May/June 2012 edition of Vogue Italia. 😀

Less than a month ago, U.S based TIME magazine named Jonathan as one of the most influential people in the world.The feature details the interview which the magazine’s editor Franca Souzani had with the President, the Vice-President Namadi Sambo, as well as the Ministers of Petroleum and Culture and Tourism. During their chat, Jonathan revealed plans to revive the textile industry, set up an African luxury shopping area similar to California’s Rodeo drive in Lagos  (A.K.A Africa’s fashion Capital)or Abuja (our Federal Capital Territory), along with fashion weeks of repute, such as Mercedes Fashion week in the U.K.

Read the article:

It’s Thursday, January 5th when we land in Abuja, capital of Nigeria. Today the Muslim’s ultimatum to the Christians expires. We have a police and military escort to ensure total security. We’re headed to the presidential palace and don’t have much time. We have to take off by 6 pm at the latest. There’s no real danger, they assure us, but it’s best not to take chances. The streets are calm, with none of the confusion one might expect. Abuja is beautiful, with lots of greenery and imposing villas hidden behind high walls.

The city has an air of wealth, and is spotlessly clean everywhere. We’re late for our appointment due to the flight before ours, as well as all the security checks. First stop for the car, second for document check, during which we’re photographed, and finally for surrendering all our cameras and cell phones. The situation is rather complicated in Nigeria right now, and everyone performs their job with attention to every detail.

The fact that they won’t let us bring any photographic equipment is a real disappointment.They understand that this is a problem for us, so they offer us a book full of photos of the President. We can choose whichever ones we want, they tell us. “No”, I reply politely, “we take our own photos. Vogue has its own style and we want to maintain it”. I stand there with the book in my hand and everyone’s eyes on me, wondering what I might say or do next. “Ok, let me speak with the President and see what I can do”. Between the disappointment of the photographer and cameraman and the lack of reassurance that the President would even be there, I feel like it’s all my fault.

A guard and the Chief of Protocol come to lead us to the Oval Room where we were to meet the President. I turn and see my whole team looking vaguely defeated. “Smile, please. And that’s not a request!”. Then Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria, elected on 16 April 2011, enters the room, returning our smiles with his own. Elegantly dressed in a blue suit composed of a tunic and trousers with a gold pocket chain and his signature wide-brimmed hat, he is followed by the Vice President, who is Muslim, while Jonathan is an evangelical Christian. We are also joined by the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, a gorgeous and elegant woman – who also happens to be a princess – dressed in traditional robes, with a Master’s from Cambridge and the distinction of being the first woman to run Nigeria’s most important ministry, given that it is the world’s 8th largest oil exporter.

Lastly, Edem Duke, Minister of Culture and Tourism, enters the room, with his authoritative bulk and wide-brimmed hat like the President’s. We all sit. I’m next to the President, who invites Alison-Madueke to say a few words. She offers a detailed illustration of our F4D project and our idea to dedicate a whole issue to Africa, but with a positive slant in order to convey an image of the continent that’s not all famine and death, but that is full of potential for growth and expansion toward new development initiatives. President Jonathan warmly supports both projects and he casts me a gentle look that needs no reply. “Your turn, and be convincing”, his eyes seem to say. So I begin.

“Mr. President, thank you for having granted our request for an interview.It is true that we are a magazine of images, but I think that there is a lot to do in terms of your country’s image, which at the moment does not come across as wealthy and stable, despite having oil and other great prospects”. He interrupts me and informs me that the country’s motto at this time is ‘Rebranding Nigeria’. “I couldn’t agree more, truly. But I would like to revive your textile industry, which used to be strong but have been overshadowed, though not forgotten, since the discovery of oil. Why sell the tie-dye patent to the Chinese, who will end up producing it there? In the course of a couple of generations, knowledge of your tradition will disappear. At least if it were produced in Nigeria there would be work for the local population and your culture wouldn’t be lost.  You have amazing potential – just look at what happened in Brazil, or at how many European and American companies make their goods in China. Why can’t all this be done in Nigeria?”.

He smiles and nods in agreement. I go on: “All the richest Nigerians spend their money abroad because there are no shops here, no hotels with a chic African flair, no hip restaurants or clubs. Why not build an African Rodeo Drive in Lagos or Abuja, with boutiques carrying both imported and Nigerian goods?”. I stop, perhaps I’m going too far. He looks at me and says: “You know our designers. They’re talented and very creative”. “Of course”, I continue. “You have Duro Olowu, who is famous as Louboutin in America and Europe, and many others. There’s also Mercedes, which sponsors a lot of fashion weeks. We could talk about doing one here. In any case, there is no shortage of ideas, but we need to act, and quickly. In the northern part of the continent, Nigeria is the country with the greatest potential. Why not take advantage of it?“. I stop. The President looks at his ministers with a satisfied smile and appears to agree with what I said. He then states that he will do everything to help us, and to make sure that all this isn’t just talk. “I agree, and this will serve as a basis for reflection. We have problems of various kinds, some of them very serious, but this will not impede our country from moving forward and changing our image. I thank you for having spoken openly and frankly.

Is there something I can do for you, even if you’re only here for a few hours?». I laugh, relieved, without missing a beat: “Certainly – a photo, taken by us in the Vogue style. Give us the sign and they’ll bring in the equipment”. He looks around with that shy, kind smile. “How can I say no?”, he exclaims. As the Minister of Tourism leaves the room, he says: “It’s true that dynamite always comes in a small package”.



Kanye West,Kim Kardashian,Amia Miley Tweet Pic Controversy –

MET Gala 2012 –

Kim Kardashian out and about

Kim Kardashian stole Gwyneth Paltrow Look at Cannes !!!!!!!!!!!

Valeria Lukyanova,a real-life Barbie Doll? –



EKINEYO (My latest discovery)

EKINEYO is a Brooklyn based Indie clothing line, owned and designed by Nigerian Designer Oyenike(Nike ) Oyelami.EKINEYO is actually Oyenike spelled backwards.Her designs are known for their color and minimalism. For the designs i have seen,she made use of turquoise, yellow, and fuchsia colors with fringe and sheer details in her latest collection. Check it out:

Big girls ,guess what?……You are not left out,their new line  goes up to a size 13/14.Cool right?

My big, fat Nigerian wedding:” CNN features Nigeria’s wedding craze


If you have been reading my blog religiously,you should know by now that  i am Nigerian and a proud one at that.CNN recently featured the Nigerian wedding boom on Inside Africa.Let me tell you a bit about  Nigerian Weddings.

Nigerian weddings takes 3 different phases, First is the introduction, – A man finds a lady he loves, traditions demands that he makes consultations, then goes ahead to see the father  and her family,and very close relatives are invited to hear what the man has to say, then a date is fixed for the traditional wedding – This is the formal introduction.

The Nigeria traditional wedding is carried out at the house of the girl’s father, as the name implies – it is traditional wedding, and traditional rights are carried out, it involves lots of protocols.

After the Traditional wedding comes the church wedding, this is performed always in the church, it is the loudest of Nigerian weddings as the entire world is invited and the man is dressed on suit while the lady is on her wedding gown. Most Christians can only give their daughter fully to a man after the church wedding, as it is termed – ‘the wedding before God.’ The church wedding sees the priest or pastor involved, joining the two in holy matrimony

Then the signing of register, followed by the celebration, the party, the foods and drinks ( commonly called item 7 in Nigeria).


This is an  Excerpt  from the feature done by CNN. (All the pictures are from different Nigerian weddings)

UK-based makeup artist Lola Ibekwe caters specifically to Nigerian weddings and has been hired by brides who fly her, all expenses paid, to Nigeria for their weddings.
She said to CNN, “Nigerian brides really know what they want and demand the very best. Some of them have been influenced by the big weddings of Hollywood stars and don’t mind spending big to achieve the perfect look on their big day. Most of the brides I work with reserve a big part of their budget for makeup because the pictures will last a lifetime.”

Bridal wear and couture designer Yemi Osunkoya wedding gowns highly sought-after by Nigerian brides. He attends about 15 of his clients’ weddings in Nigeria each year, and his London-based label, Kosibah, is at the heart of that country’s booming wedding industry. Last month, it was one of 129 businesses exhibiting at Lagos’  Wed Expo Exhibition, which drew 10,000 attendees over two days.

Weddings in Nigeria are colorful, creative and extravagant productions, with guest lists of up to 2,000 people considered standard.

“In England, if you had 400 people at a wedding, that would be considered a huge number,” Bridal wear and couture designer Yemi Osunkoya said.

“In Nigeria, if you had 400 guests, people would say ‘Oh, dear,’ ” he continues. “The more (people) you have there, the more friends it seems you have.”

The publisher of Wed magazine, a Magazine with  a wedding-focus that launched in Nigeria last year, Eso said the typical Nigerian wedding has evolved in recent years into a high-concept “production.”

“I would say weddings are one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria right now,” said the event’s organizer, Akin Eso. “A lot of people term it that they’re ‘going into events’ — but the money is really in the wedding industry.”

“There’s always been this joy around weddings, but now there’s also this whole creativity: It’s more like a production, and nobody knows where it’s going to stop,” he said. “People just imagine it and make it happen.”
Themes such as a “snow wedding” would involve decorating the entire hall to match the concept, he said.
“Ten years back, you would normally do all the arrangements for the wedding yourself or with your friend,” he said. “Now, for every aspect of the wedding there’s a vendor that can help you.”

The trend has been driven by the many young Nigerians living overseas, who had introduced ambitious ideas for wedding themes, along with the concept of the wedding planner: a professional event organizer who could realize the happy couple’s vision for their big day, typically at their parents’ expense.
Osunkoya said families typically put much effort and expense into the event, as a wedding was an important status symbol — although “not in a negative way.”

“Most times in Nigeria, the parents take care of the wedding ,” he said. “It s a thing of joy to have your children married, so most of the time, the parents want to go all out. That’s where you see total creativity.”Damola & Debisi

Wonu & Funso's Wedding

Another distinctive feature of the Nigerian wedding was the wearing of “aso-ebi.” The phrase, which translates from the Yoruba language as “clothes of the family,” refers to the garments of matching fabric worn by the bride’s family and friends at the ceremony.
The couple would wear traditional dress, with the bride usually wearing a traditional fabric gifted to her by her new parents-in-law, sometimes sewn into a modern Afrocentric design.Although, in recent years, it is not uncommon to see the entire party wearing the aso-ebi.

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