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Couple forces their son out of house to make him get a job

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Xu Qing 29-year-old, from Beijing, moved back to parents’ house after dropping out of university,after insisting he did not get on with his roommates.
He refused to get a job and spends all his time online

He met a girl online,also jobless, who eventually moved in with him. His parents fed up with his attitude and behavior asked Xu Qing and his “girlfriend” to either get a job or move out.

His father Ku arranged for him to have a job at a friend’s company, he walked out announcing that it was too boring.

When he refused to get a job and didn’t move out,his parents applied in court to get him to move out.

They court ruled in favour of the parents that although Qing was their son, at the age of 29 they had no more obligation to support him and that as it was their house they could also force him to move out.

When he and his girlfriend refused to follow the court’s 60 day deadline, the couple applied for an eviction notice to have bailiffs remove their son, his girlfriend and their property.

Honestly I think its unfortunate and such a shame that the parents are stuck with a son like this.

—-These are some of the comments by Internet users in China.

‘Having this kind of son is really pathetic. Just keep it in mind: Don’t spoil kids,’ one user said.

Another commented: ‘It’s just a mirror of today’s education.’

‘The parents have brought up such a spoiled prince,’ one web user added.

‘They actually asked for it!’

Source — Dailymail



  1. Whatever it is the parents did the right thing. We have such oafs in Ghana who refuse to look for jobs and are still a drain on their parents.

  2. RoSy says:

    Sad that the son thought that what he was doing was ok.
    Messed up that he was ok with bringing someone else to impose as well.
    And – good for the parents to do what they did.
    Messed up that it had to come to that though.

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