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She mourns her fate
Sipping from the chalice of sorrow
As I watch,
Her lips tremble:
Filling her eyes with tears
Till they are twice as large
Her throbbing hands
Filled with her bosom
As she cries herself hoarse
In soft suppressed moans
Till she’s worn
She falls asleep finally,
In a pool of her tears
Night after night
A daily nocturnal ritual with which
She mourns her shattered dreams.

But day comes soon enough
And she learns to hold her pain
In a gutsy gaze
She doesn’t have to be brave
But she chooses to be
So she masks her worries
Like acne hidden in the brown swirls
Of caked powder
She sweeps them under
One stab
One dab
One masterful stroke after another
Her face as the canvass,
She tucks away the misery
Underneath a contrived beauty
She practises her smile in front of the mirror

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