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Lupita Nyong’o becomes the new face of Lancôme .

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Lancôme is Lupiter Nyong’o’s first major endorsement deal since her win at the Academy Award for best supporting actress in early March for her role in the movie 12 Years a Slave.

She posted a video to her Instagram announcing the news saying :

“I am truly honored to join the Lancome brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved,” she
stated in a press release. “I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the
idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself.”

She joins the likes of Lily Collins as an . Julia Roberts,Lily Collins, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet as a ambassador for the makeup brand.


  1. She thoroughly deserved the award too. Nice to see someone with genuine talent getting rewarded and noticed. So many mediocre actors get these awards, it’s nice to see talent get recognised.

    And she looks stunning.

  2. reocochran says:

    She was featured in two of my posts, she is gorgeous and am so happy that they chose her to be the face of Lancôme! Smiles, Robin

  3. And let me guess, one of her upcoming collaborations will be with a fashion line where the clothes are: bold, full of bright colours with simple tailoring…

    • Audrina says:

      Lol. Don’t u like her?

      • I liker her a lot, A LOT!! She is well educated, speaks in public like a dream, always turns it out and most of all, I am so happy she is front and center showing Hollywood and the world another form of black beauty: i.e. super short afro hair and dark skin. The latter especially means a lot to me as I deal with my TWA…

        But despite all these things, I was just remarking on the predictability of endorsements that comes with fame these days…

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