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ROV Wears

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Friday Film Review No.7 – Robocop (2014)

Lupita Nyong’o For Backstage Magazine




Jewel by Lisa SS ’14 Lookbook

Take a look at the Jewel By Lisa released the lookbook for its Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Ajak Deng for Vogue by Charlie Engman

Ajak Deng was photographed by Charlie Engman for Vogue






Rodarte Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Rodarte Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Rodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear 

  Rodarte Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Rodarte Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Rodarte Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear


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My Favourite looks this week

Miranda Kerr

Kate Hudson

Elizabeth Banks

Vivica Fox

Rashida Jones

Diane Kruger

Lily Aldridge

Michelle Rodriguez

Chanel Iman

A group of students have launched a campaign to break down stereotypes about Africa.

Here is a report I saw on CNN’s Website. As an African I believe this is a great initiative by the students because a lot of people say silly things about Africa and they just need to stop being Ignorant.

Check here –

They say there are no stupid questions — or are there?

How about, “Do you speak African?” Or, “What is Africa’s flag?”

Yes, these are quite ludicrous. Tired of regularly having to answer questions like these, a group of U.S.-based African students has launched a photo campaign in a bid to dispel misconceptions about their continent.

Called “The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype,” the social media initiative aims to educate and raise awareness about the common stereotypes surrounding Africa and its people —
misunderstandings like Africa being a
homogenous entity rather than a diverse
continent of more than 50 countries.

The campaign features striking images of the members of the African Students
Association of New York’s Ithaca College
wrapped in different African flags or
holding them proudly.

“What we wanted to do was embrace the individual flags of the countries of Africa,”says Rita Bunatal, head of PR for the organization. “We wanted to show the beauty and the power of the flag. We also wanted to break one of the biggest misconceptions about the continent, which is that Africa is a country,” she adds.

For each photograph, the posing students, aged 18 to 21, were also asked to come up with simple but powerful quotes that would disprove the ignorant and offensive remarks they would often hear.
As a result, the images boast statements like
“Africans do not all look alike,” “Africans don’t need to be saved,” “Africa is not a country” and Africa is not a land filled with diseases.” In addition, the campaign is saturated with educational facts that are designed to strengthen the students’ quotes —

“I don’t speak ‘African’ because ‘African’ is not a language” says one student, his declaration accompanied by the fact that “there are an estimated 2,000 languages spoken in Africa.”

“We wanted to give facts, to correct, to
give knowledge,” says Bunatal, “trying to educate and stop people from saying
these other things.”

The African Students Association of
Ithaca College first posted their photo
campaign on CNN’s iReport platform on
January 20. Since then, some 5,000
people have viewed the photos and more
than 2,000 have shared them on Facebook.
“The simplest actions can create awareness and we are hoping to do this not only campus-wide,but also world-wide,” says Bunatal.

This Actor Deserves the Oscar! (March 2, 2014)


With a few days off from the library, weather conditions

and changes in the month, I feel like I am ‘behind’ on my

posts! I was excited, while anticipating the month leading

to the Oscars, about the Turner Classic Movies’ “kick off”

show called, “And the Oscar Goes To…”

Turner Classics held it at 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 1st.

The messy day had been icy and snowy. Brr! Just the right

show to cap off an evening!

The featured 10 Best Picture nominees from 1939 were aired

throughout that day. They also aired a new documentary film

about 85 years of Academy Awards. The film included famous

actors, actresses and filmmakers who were interviewed for

this auspicious occasion.

Since the rest of the month will feature past movie winners

it will be an excellent time to check out your television

guide for which channel TCM is located on! Also…

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Fragments Of A Single Whole

Boomie Bol

Our lives are very intersected
Underneath the diverse layers we embody
So sometimes we collide
On other occasions we crash
To a thousand little pieces we succumb
Broken into fragments of a single whole

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4 Ways to Embellish with Statement Pieces for Fashion Week Part Four: Sequin and Stone Drop Earrings

M&J Blog

If you’re looking to make a totally glamorous statement, this DIY is for you. Our final DIY for our 4 Ways to Embellish Statement Pieces segment is a gorgeous set of sparkling earrings. Any time you want to make a statement Swarovski and sequins are the way to go!

Sequin and Stone Drop Earrings Materials

What You’ll Need:

1 Yard of Wine 5/8 in. Sequin Flower #00757

2 Crystal AB Pear Sew-On Stones #27474


2 Large Earring Posts with a Loop for Jump Rings

Jump rings


Cutting Sequin Flower Trim

1. Take your sequin trim and cut off 3 flowers. Cut off excess trim if needed.

Gluing Sequin Flowers to Post

2. Glue each flower to the earring post. Let dry for an hour.

Connecting Flowers to Crystal

3. Connect the jump ring to the earring post loop and the crystal opening. Close the jump ring.

Cutting Sequin Flower Trim

4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 for the other earring. Let finished piece dry for 24 hours.

Finished Sequin and Stone Drop Earrings

We adore the look…

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My Favourite looks this week

diane kruger<p
Diane Kruger



anne hathaway<p

Anne Hathaway

Camila Alves

Lily Collins

Christina Aguilera

Gabrielle Union

Alyssa Milano