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The 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet Fashion.

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Sofia Vegara in Donna Karan

Amy Adams in an Antonio Berardi Gown. Perfection!

Lupita Nyongo in Gucci. The gown is so beautiful and she looks so beautiful. Congratulations to her,she won the Supporting Actress Award for her movie 12 years a slave.

Sarah Hyland in a Pamella Roland dress. Nice!

Michelle Dockery

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy. I can’t begin to explain how much I dislike this Gown.

Natalie Dormer in Marios Schwab

Isla Fisher in Oscar dela Renta. Gorgeous!

Katrina Bowden

Malin Akerman

Elisabeth Moss

Kerry Washington in Prada. I like the Crop top,I just don’t like the skirt and shoes.

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin. I Love!

Anna Gunn

Julie Bowen in Carolina Herrera.

Elisabeth Rohm.

Mindy Kalin

James Marsden

Aaron Paul

Bradley Cooper

Hannah Simone in Marchesa. So Beautiful.

Meryl Steep

I don’t mind Julia Roberts Pink Valentino Jumpsuit. It was an intresting choice.

Mathew McConaughey and Wife Camilla Alves. These Couple always look so good together on the red Carpet.

Camilla looks absolutely stunning (as usual) and is wearing Donna Karan .

Matt Damon and Wife Luciana Damon.

Tom Hanks and Wife Rita Wilson



  1. Makimo says:

    The celebrities and dresses all look beautiful. My favourite has to be Sofia Vegara,and Camilla Alves.

  2. Adelaide says:

    Can we talk about how beautiful Lupita is? She is a breadth of fresh air,I mean look at her skin. And the gown she is wearing is everything. Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep need to step their fashion game up. Isla Fisher,Amy Adams are my best. Red heads do it best.

    • Audrina says:

      Yes! Let’s talk. Lupita is such a beauty and she wears clothes beautifully too. I was impressed with Amy Adams dress and her hair and makeup were on point. Isla Fisher can really do no wrong in my eyes.

  3. Sofia= Silver Mermaid! and thats the best I’ve seen Amy Adams look ever (to my past recollection….)

    • Audrina says:

      Sofia Vegara is Gorgeous! You aren’t giving Amy enough credit,I think she has looked better than this in the past. I think the public is starting to take more notice of her than in the past . I just want her to win an Oscar and be the real deal.

      • Well, I’ll be honest I’ve been seeing her for years and this just happens to be the first time I’ve gone, Wow! I’m happy she is now more in the spotlight, her rise to fame story is inspiring. In her own words, she didn’t make IT till she was 30, had lots of failed auditions etc, I like her as actress, so God Speed! to her…

      • Audrina says:

        Yeah I am familiar with her story(I am a big fan) that’s why am so pleased with her recent success and exposure. Do you know she has been nominated about 3 times for an oscar? I think she might just win it this year *fingers crossed*.

      • Yeah, I had some idea of all her nominations. Well Leonardo aint got one yet so she’s in good company!

  4. My favorites are Sofia, Amy, Sandra and Sofia and then Tom and wife, Rita! 🙂

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