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Man proposes to Fiancee with Baskets full of Money.

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Ok quick question,what would you do if you where proposed to with baskets full of money say $1.45million ?

According to Chinese media,a Chinese man Meng Huang (27) who is the son of a rich Construction Magnate in China, proposed to his fiancee by delivering 18 baskets full of money ,as an engagement present and a token of his love for her. According to reports, the baskets were filled with 8.88 million Chinese yuan ($1.45 million).

The gift was said to have arrived at her house in a fleet of luxury vehicles led by a Maserati sports car, with 18 people employed to deliver them.

People have speculated that the sum, of 8.88 million yuan was carefully chosen, as the word for “eight” is linked with the meaning “wealth” in Chinese.

Huang said “This is how we do things here” . “She is worth the whole world to me and I wanted to prove that with a world gift of cash”.

Interestingly Huang’s fiancee, Lin Sun , who also is also from a wealthy family, was reportedly very pleased with the gesture.

Some people think he is trying to buy her affection but I don’t think so. Since she also from a wealthy family,I feel he could have bought a ring. I think that would have been better than sending her cash she already has. But like I always say “to each their own”.


  1. Dugutigui says:

    Assuming they live 50 years, and have a ball per day, pro rata, it comes $ 80 a bang, a little pricey at today’s Chinese rates, but with inflation, in 10 years will be almost for free. Not a bad investment … 🙂
    And $ 80 include one “eight” = “wealth”

  2. J.D. Gallagher says:

    Should have just wrote a cheque and stuck it in an envelope. 🙂

  3. RoSy says:

    That’s it? Poor guy wouldn’t be able to afford me – LOL

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