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Teenage Boy Saves an Abducted 5 Year Old Girl

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A 15yr old American teenager with the help of his friend saved an abducted girl by pursuing the kidnappers car on their bicycles.

Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was playing in her front yard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when she vanished Thursday afternoon. Authorities say she was abducted by a man who lured her by offering ice cream.
For two hours, neighbors and police scoured the area and asked if anyone had seen her.

Temar Boggs, 15, and his friend Garcia took off on their bicycles to search.
About a half-mile away, they spotted Jocelyn in a sedan. But the driver was elusive. He said:

“Every time we’d go down the street, he’d turn back around, and then … we’ll follow him,” Temar said.

The two teens pursued the kidnapper on their bikes for 15 minutes. The driver apparently knew he was being followed became scared and pushed Rojas out of the car and drove off.

“I saw this suspicious car. I looked into the passenger seat and I saw this little girl, and I said, ‘I think that’s her,'” Boggs recounted,

Boggs took the girl to law enforcement officials, but said Rojas was still afraid.

“First she didn’t want to leave my arms because she was scared they were gonna do something to her,” Temar Boggs said, adding that she agreed to go with the officials after Temar reassured her that she was safe.

Jocelyn’s relatives and neighbors took turns hugging Temar saying:
“He’s our hero. There is just no words to say,”
Jocelyn’s grandmother Tracey Clay said.
Police are looking for the suspect, described as a white male between 50 and 70 years old. He was driving a reddish-purple or maroon car with round taillights, WGAL reported. The man was wearing green shoes, green pants and a red-and-white striped shirt. He walked with a limp.

Temar however doesn’t consider himself a hero. He said:

“I’m just a normal person who did a thing that anybody else would do,”
“I just feel like I did something very accomplishing today,”


  1. I had seen the interview….nice.

  2. boomiebol says:

    I wonder why this isn’t all over the news

  3. RoSy says:

    This is the kind of news we should be hearing of more often.
    Peace & love for one another.

  4. That’s my hero too

  5. Sanina says:

    If everyone was like this young chap,the world would be a better place.

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