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Jennifer Aniston goes Risque in her new Movie “We’re the Millers”.

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The first official trailer for the comedy We’re the Millers was released today and it promises to provide a lot of entertainment for the +17 above Audience.

We’re the Millers will be in theatres on Aug. 9


How to go about smuggling “a smidge of pot” from Mexico into the United States?

First get a stripper to play your wife–and make sure the conveniently hot and brainy stripper is played by a platinum-wig-wearing, lingerie-wearing Jennifer Aniston!

In the film, Ed Helms’ snaky drug kingpin asks small-time pot dealer Jason Sudeikis to go down to Mexico to transport a marijuana back to the States.

Jason Sudeikis gets his stripper neighbor to pose as his wife and “this dork who lives in his building” (Will Poulter) and a “gutter punk” (Emma Roberts) to be their kids in order to make it look like they’re just heading home from vacation.

Complications ensue and they end up on the run. At one point, Jen and Jason’s makeshift couple end up hitching a ride with aspiring swingers played by Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn.

But that’s really the least of their worries. And, let’s just say, Jen’s stripper skills come in handy down the road.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Whatever! She can’t act to save her life.

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