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Life inside the Romanian gypsy ghetto

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Its strange that you hardly see this in the News,shocking but true,people are  living like this .I am very sure if tis was Africa,all News outlets would have carried this.Anyway something needs to be done.This is the home of about 500 gypsy families in Romania.

Roma are  groups that migrated across Europe , most of them from countries like Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and are now the biggest ethnic minority in the European Union.There are an estimated 10 million across Europe and one in five lives in Romania.

Since their arrival in Europe from India some 700 years ago, they have been politically, socially, culturally and economically marginalised by the dominant population, who have consistently shown negative social attitudes towards them.

The vast majority live on the margins of society in abject poverty, which makes them easy targets in troubled times.


SlumLimbo: As of February 2013, plans to build modern social housing for the Roma consisting of 500 homes are in limbo, whilst funding is finalized and the search for a suitable site continuesMoved: About 980 Roma lived in Craica before the rehousing started in June. Some 100 families have so far been relocated to three administrative buildings of the former plantHarsh living: The bitter cold weather is difficult for the residents to endure in their make-shift homes

Makeshift home: A woman stands in front of her hut in a shantytown inhabited by Roma or Gypsy people in the Craica neighborhood of Baia Mare, northwestern Romania

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  1. Subhan Zein says:

    Oh, wow, the gypsy,hmmm, interesting information… 🙂

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