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Accessory Trend: Statement Jewellery

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Statement Necklaces especially the Big Chunky ones have been a very big trend this year.On the red carpet,alot of female celebrities have been wearing them. You can wear them on almost everything,yes even t-shirts and jeans!

The key to really looking  fabulous with Statement necklaces is to make sure that :

  • The dress or whatever you are wearing with it is very simple,and
  • Your  Hair should also be simple.

If you want to get this looks,you can get some really beautiful and affordable pieces at stores like Forever 21 and H&M  . Statement Necklaces would be  a good addition to your collection.Let me show some looks so you might get some Inspiration:

Honestly i have never been a fan of piling on Pearls or Jewelry on my neck,although it works on a lot of ladies. For example the Necklace  Michelle Obama is wearing above,i will never wear,i like my pearls single,no matter the size .However if its your style,go for it.

Jessica Biel Jewelry

I like this  Necklace  by Tom Binns Jessica Biel wore  for Total Recall Movie premiere  Recently. Take note of the simple hair and make-up .

One of my personal favorite looks is this  turquoise Lorraine Schwartz necklace Heidi Klum wore  to the 2012 Golden Globes. Beyonce also wore this for her spread in People‘s 2012 Most Beautiful issue.If you notice Hiedi is also wearing minimal make-up.

Olivia Palermo Necklace is  just so beautiful.

One statement Necklace that recently caught my eye  is this Celine Necklace.

Kim kardashian has it in two Colours. Its simple but also chunky at the same time.

You can use your statement Jewelery to spice up a plain tee -shirt.

For example the beautiful pieces  pictured above will go perfectly with black ,red or white t-shirts.



  1. RoSy says:

    Love the one Jessica Biel is wearing!

  2. Beautiful accesories; they’ve been thrend in Ghana for a while now

  3. Ant says:

    Vey beautiful Jewellery.Thanks and also regards.

  4. Faria says:

    Your choices for this post are absolutely beautiful. Statement jewellery is a trend i predict is going to stay. I really believe so.

  5. ayoliag says:

    Cute but way to bold for my personality!

  6. okoro Ivuoma Mary-sol says:


  7. vagranttraveler says:

    Absolutely love this (and the blog! 🙂 ).

  8. statement jewellery Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen something
    quite different play out on the. We’ve seen something new and refreshing
    emerging – a community of women who encourage and inspire rather than create
    competition. Yesterday, throughout the hashtag feed we saw women from all over
    the world uploading beautiful photographs of middle parts and statement pieces.
    Many of the women stated that they were going outside of their preverbal comfort
    zone and trying something new with the middle part. Instead of the “Who Wore It
    Best” mentality, we saw something counter-cultural happening. We’ve got one word
    for that: Inspiring! We are constantly inspired by how girls are taking risks and
    confidently trying.

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