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One Lovely Blog Award!

About me:

Audrina is Editor Audrina 1759. A Writer, Music lover ,Self proclaimed Movie Critic and Fashion and Style Expert . Follow @AUDRINA1759

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I received the One Lovely Blog Award thanks to Glor (click on the link). She has is an Amazing Blogger whose blog you all need to check out. I really appreciate being recognized for all my effort. Thank you so much.

The rules for this Award are:

I have to say 7 things about me…

1. I am all about Fun.

2.I love Music,Fashion and Movies. In that other.

3. One day i will Rule the world (watch out people)  🙂

4. I have a very unhealthy  love  for Pringles.

5. I am honest to a fault,i give it to you as it is.I can also be very sarcastic,but i always mean well.

6. I wish i had Anna Wintour’s  Job. *sigh*

7. Blogging is one of the best Decisions i made in my life. It gives me a lot of  satisfaction.

And i have to Nominate 15 other Bloggers .My Nominees are :

  1. His Fashion Blog
  2. Yasmin Cruz
  3. Fashion & Style Guru
  4. cioccolatoscuro
  6. hallucinatingmartyr
  7. The FashionTag
  8. I love green inspiration
  9. Vivianne’s Blog
  10. kyle mew
  11. Stylish Rogue
  12. Musings of a Stylista
  13. Reading Pleasure
  14. aquahlekkergarla

and last but not least  sharmistta   .



  1. cioccolatoscuro says:


  2. RoSy says:

    BTW – If you decide to go healthy & need help – I will eat those Pringles for you 😉

  3. soulmetry says:

    Congrats Audrina!! It’d be great ro know someone who rules the world! 😀

  4. Congratulations, Audrina.

  5. LAND OF FUN says:

    So Many congrats to you dear 😀

  6. Kyle says:

    thank you sweetheart – as you know, i don’t normally do the award thing, but seeing as its you, i will make an exception.

  7. I’m with you about the deliciousness of Pringles 😛

  8. cioccolatoscuro says:

    Hello Precious! I’ve nominated you for the One Lov3ly Blog Award due to your lovely fashion and entertainment update:^)

  9. […] you audrina of audrina1759′s blog and Maarit-Johanna of history of the ancient world for nominating me for some award or other. […]

  10. Fashion & Style Guru says:

    Congratulations and thank you for nominating us!

    Fashion & Style Guru

  11. Wayne says:


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