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Beware of Internet SCAMMERS!!!!!!

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I got an email that said “Did you receive my mail” as the subject and there was nothing in the message body.I replied that i didn’t and this what was sent back to me.

from:     Mr Ahmed Saeed Aban

subject:     Please I Need Your Help

Dear Friend,My name is Saeed Ahmed Aban. I have a touching story of hope and self realization to tell you. I am an  oil-servicing equipment merchant, from Dubai, U.A.E, diagnosed with chronic Esophageal cancer in July 2009.

I am a very rich man, so please do not think of this letter as one of those being sent around to ask for money later on. In the past one year i have been donating my money, to charity organizations in Malaysia, and India. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, i cannot do this myself anymore. I once asked two members of my family to close one of my accounts and distribute the money to charity organizations in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contented with what I have left for them.The last bulk consignment of my money which is unknown to anyone, is the huge cash deposit of twenty million dollars $20,000,000.00 that I have with a finance security company abroad. I need you to help me collect this deposit and distribute it to charity organizations to help earthquake victims in Haiti, and people suffering elsewhere in the world. I have set aside 10% for your time and service. I do not need this money anymore as i have a short time to live.Please reply me with honesty as soon as you receive this email. God be with you.

Saeed Ahmed Aban.


I googled Saeed Abanahmed only to find out that he does this to alot of other people,most especialy Bloggers.I received two more emails from him,and just got this new one a day ago.

Allison Bruckshaw
24 Jun (1 day ago)

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs.Mona Saeedi a Muslim woman who was married to Late Engr. Nasser Safadi Saeedi  {PhD} who worked with MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANY EXXON AS A DRILLING RIG SUPPLIER in UAE (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) for 17 years before he died on the 31st  July 2001. Before his death, he deposited some amount with a bank In Asia.Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next one year due to cancer problem. Having known my condition, I decided to donate this fund to a Charity organization or good person that will utilize this money in good faith by setting up a charity organisation.
I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this money and I kept this deposit secret till date, this is why I am taking this decision. Upon your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank. I will also issue a letter of authorization to the bank that will prove you as the present beneficiary of this money.
Please contact me via my private email address on the subject.
Await your responds soon.
Mrs.Mona Saeedi
Please send your reply to my private Email:

“Confidentiality Warning: This message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s), are confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, retention, retransmission, conversion to hard copy, copying, circulation, disclosure or other use of this message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, and delete this message and any attachments from your system. Thank you.”« Information confidentielle : Le présent message, ainsi que tout fichier qui y est joint, est envoyé à l’intention exclusive de son ou de ses destinataires; il est de nature confidentielle et peut constituer une information privilégiée. Nous avertissons toute personne autre que le destinataire prévu que tout examen, rétention, réacheminement, impression, copie, distribution, divulgation ou autre utilisation de ce message et de tout fichier qui y est joint est strictement interdit. Si vous n’êtes pas le destinataire prévu, veuillez en aviser immédiatement l’expéditeur par retour de courriel et supprimer ce message et tout document joint de votre système. Merci. »

My favorite part of the E-mail Was the Confidentiality Warning Added, so the email could look Authentic. SMH.

Nobody in their right mind would ask a complete  stranger for help transferring their money online. If they had the large amounts of money they claimed then they would hire a lawyer, go to a bank, and do things legally.

Please don’t fall for this  ever! A word is enough for the wise.

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  1. Dike says:

    No kidding,i thought it was for real when i got the mail

  2. Innocent says:


  3. ET says:

    This is so wierd,what is their motive.

  4. Sam says:

    Just as you have said audrina,anyone with such money will hire a lawyer, go to a bank, or do things legally. This people probably want to hack into your computer.

  5. ude says:

    omo see scam!

  6. vincent says:


  7. Ada says:

    Yeah, I received something similar to this, really deceptive!

  8. We call this type of scam 419. Folks, ignore them

  9. kalicouture says:

    I received something close to that! The guy said his brother died and I was his distant relative. Once on youtube I got a message from a user that had a similar name to another user except the numbers were off. So the scammer said that I won an ipad 2 but needed to pay for shipping.

  10. ayoliag says:

    lolol .. sadly .. it catches a lot of people!!!!

  11. Nachy says:

    Crazy shit i tell you.

  12. immaB says:

    There are thousands of scams going on, targeting those in most need. I came across mine and it was a credit check scam. give us your name, Social Security number and credit card number and once you been checked out you may qualify for the rental property. There will be no charge to you, after five days you can cancel. WHAT? Please, others…don’t fall for it. Thanks for this posting.

  13. artsCU says:

    Today I received this..

    “I am Mrs.Mona Saeedi, a Muslim woman.I have picked you for an
    inheritance.I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of
    approach to establish a relationship of trust and confidence, but you will
    realize the need for my action.Please contact me on my private email for
    more details:

    Seriously? Who would fall for that?

  14. Jim says:

    I dont get it. What is the scam?

  15. Steve says:


    William de Bruijn []Actions
    17 October 2012 21:06

    I am Mrs.Mona Saeedi, a Muslim woman.I have picked you for an inheritance.I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust and confidence, but you will realize the need for my action.Please contact me on my private email for more details:

    puur vpro
    Contact | Disclaimer

  16. Vicky says:

    Hi I got several messages from this but like an idiot emailed my address back should I be worried? Please get back to me ASAP to help me

    • luna says:

      I did too can someone plz tell me if ishould be worried

    • Did you know that Monica Saeed is on facebook? When I got it, I looked her up. I can’t figure out why on earth a young Muslim woman from England would want to give me, a Christian woman in a far away country she never met, money. I knew it had to be a scam. I thought about sending her a message on facebook, but I didn’t. Maybe since you sent your address, you would like to pursue it. 🙂

      • Just don’t give them any personal information. If you don’t know someone and have never met them, it makes no sense to give them any personal information that is only used for bank accounts, taxes, credit cards, etc. You never know what they could be up to. I have lived all around the world in 8 countries and speak 5 languages, and I can tell you that there are good people everywhere, but there are also VERY untrustworthy people everywhere. Use your head.

  17. Vicky says:

    I rec so many messages felt sorry for the photos attached and gave them my address should I be worried please help

  18. brianna says:

    omg i got the exact same email thanx so much for the warning this page should always be available as a public warning

  19. sam says:

    these are scam mails ;most come from africa;they use many names;better to block them

  20. sam says:

    they need to know your name , your adress, your information then they make a copy of passport or id (fake one) to sell it;;do not believe that this mail comes from a woman who is sick;;itis a real mafia;;;

  21. Marc says:

    But these people are really a problem, thanks for keeping us aware,most especial me, i was about to send all my details to the man called Saeed Ahmed Aban!

  22. ibrahim muhd sani hadejia says:

    i also received the same message from mona saeedi mtS hohoho oh Allah protect us frm falling into any scam

  23. Christina Hellman says:

    Today january 25 I got this scam;
    “I am Mrs Mona Saeedi, a Muslim woman. I picked your email address for an
    Please contact me”

    Of course I didn´t. Do never answer this kind of scams!!!!

  24. Ahmed says:

    I got the same email from mona safadi saeedi that my inheritance and all dat shit

  25. Melissa says:

    I’ve got the same email for the last 3 days … I’ve try to google mrs Saeedi and confirm that this was really scam want to take some details to hack …

  26. Martha says:


  27. Lissette says:

    Wow….. I have received emails from them and from other people too saying they chose me to inherent their money but this time they asked me to send an ID picture of myself…I had a feeling since I read it that it was scam Cuzco like u guys said they would do things legally.

  28. […] Similar scam mails have been published last year. See audrinal1759 blog: beware of internet scammers […]

  29. I get the the email from the same sender with same subject, as i copied below.

    Reply ▼

    Mona Saaedi

    I am Mrs.Mona Saeedi, a Muslim woman.I have picked your email address for an inheri tance Please contact me

    Qualifica: Ricercatore confermato

  30. Mike says:

    What’s the motive?

  31. moomoo says:

    once they get your full name birthday and address they can steal your identity i learned it from my law teacher

    • Nomsa says:

      I’ve been cheated by this Mr Saeed Aban and unfortunately I disclosed my full names, birthday and home address. They have sent a form – a vault releasing form to be filled. I’m scared,what can I do?

      • audrina1759 says:

        Don’t be scared. Experience is usually the best teacher. Since you now have this information this won’t happen to you again in the future I.e you won’t be able to fall twice for the scam. I think you should change all your passwords for all your accounts and cease contact with these people.

  32. Mr.Tingles says:

    not to mention if you give them and account number for money they promised your money is gone.

  33. Adesh Thapa says:

    tnx for Sharing the information Online, a few days ago even i just got the same Mesg. stating that She is Mrs. Mona Saeedi, it was something like this……

    Good day, My Beloved Friend,
    As I said early, I am Mrs. Mona Saeedi, married to Late Engr Mr. Nasser Safadi Saeedi {PhD} who worked with MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANY EXXON AS A DRILLING RIG SUPPLIER in UAE (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) for 17 years he died on 31st July 2001 on a plane crash with other passengers……..

  34. udi says:

    Anyone who falls for this is really foolish,but shit does happen these days. Incase you know anyone who has given out personal information to these fools,you have gotta take actions asap.

  35. cecill says:

    Today I received this e-mail … Scam!!!

    Good day, My Beloved Friend,

    As I said early, I am Mrs. Mona Saeedi, married to Late Engr Mr. Nasser Safadi Saeedi {PhD} who worked with MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANY EXXON AS A DRILLING RIG SUPPLIER in UAE (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) for 17 years he died on 31st July 2001 on a plane crash with other passengers, We were married for twenty four years without a child. Before his death, he deposited the sum of {7.100,000.00 million US Dollar} with a bank In Asia and this fund is presently with the bank awaiting my disbursement as beneficiary and next of kin to the funds. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next one year due to cancer Problem. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a Charity organization or good person that will use this fund to build an orphanage home which was the dream of my late husband….

    • Don’t be taken by this. I have waterfront property in Nebraska for sale cheap and I will sell you a bridge going into Manhattan whereupon you can get rich with tolls. I am also selling acreage in Greenland and Antarctica. This is long range not immediate investment. With global warming , mineral rich land will be open for mining and oil as the snow recedes.

  36. just got an email from Mr Saeed A Aban …googled him before answering and thats how i got to your page. it only said :”did you get my last email request”…Thank you…now i’m sure its a scam

  37. Yvie Sismee says:

    Thanks for sharing! How horrid! The advancement of technology is also the advancement of crimes. Ooooh, I love that quote. Getting it copyrighted.

  38. Sushil Kumar says:

    Even facebook is not spared by these scamsters. I got one message like that –
    Please your attention is needed, i’m mr kossi ahmed, an expert at corporate and legal claims,I’m contacting you in regard to a deceased client of mine who died along with his famiy in a car accident on december 26th 2011,a prominent client of mine happens to share the same Last NAME with you. Before his death, my client deposited ($10.5Million USD)in the vault of a financial institution here in Togo, and documentations regarding these indicates that claims must be to his relative/family member. The deceased who died unfortunately without a will. I have contacted the white and yellow pages in-search of his relatives but unfortunately did not succeed.
    Please reply for more details if interested via my private email
    Best Regards,
    Barrister Kossi Ahmed

  39. Jo Ann says:

    On May 19th, I received an email identical to that of Cecil but they used the name Mrs. Akilah Saeedi and wanted to make sure that I would use some of the money to build an orphanage in the name of her “late and great husband”. I knew it to be a scam so I ‘googled’ the names given in the email. It showed me MANY scams dated back several years, using different alias. It’s horrible that anyone would try to exploit others in the name of God and/or Allah!! (Both were said in the email I received). I did email this person back with a copy of the exact ‘award letter’ that I found when I googled their names. Let’s see how quick I get a response now! LOL

  40. Putri says:

    Oh, my.. I got this mail too, just yesterday.. From Mrs. Ashiat Saeedi, married to Late Engr Mr. Nasser Safadi Saeedi {PhD} who worked with MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANY EXXON AS A DRILLING RIG SUPPLIER in UAE (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) for 17 years he died on 31st July 2001 on a plane crash with other passengers.. Ahaha, how many wives did this Mister Nasser Saeedi have? lol
    It looks so real, how awesome.. I trusted her until I googled his husband’s name..

  41. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for the follow, and good luck with a nice blog. Regards from Norfolk, Pete. x

  42. strawberryquicksand says:

    But you know what? People do fall for this type of scam, sadly. And it’s the ones who would need the money the most. 😦

  43. Mom says:

    My husband got an email frm such name.. Akilah Saeedi, Mona Saeedi and few more Saeedi..cos my husband has Muslim name….he just ignored it …

  44. Amar says:

    Hi i receive that mail too this morning

  45. BUZZY says:

    I received the same with a different name but same oil rig

  46. cathrynlaney says:

    I think this is one of the most significant info for me.

    And i am glad reading your article. But should remark on some general things, The site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  47. Miami is probably one of the most con-man invested places in the world so ya really learn to smell a scam quick. Medicare fraud is the rage right now. The one’s about lottery winnings, I ask for gold bullion instead of $ – leaves ’em confused. The most insidious are ones posing as official google or windows updates or pc optimizers – they look so legit. Thanks visit my blog.

    • bin69 says:

      I am not sure of Miami being as you say it is; I think that con-man and scam artists prefer to think the rest of the world as ignorant and usually come from less educated countries. This is my only my opinion. I have not come across one from Miami yet, perhaps it is a higher end type of con, I take it you are a Yankee fan, some nice memorabilia you have on your site. I am aware it is your national game. I have been to the states a few times but i never had the chance to take in a game. Another thing for my bucket list!

  48. lucas says:

    Thanks for your information.
    Now, her name turned to Mrs. Nasser Safadi Saeedi. ^^

  49. theresia says:

    Oh my! I received it too! But the sender was not monna saeedi, but fadila saeedi. Thanks God, I know it is fake and scammer. Thanks guys for your info 🙂

  50. bar says:

    wowww i just got the same email from the wife i wrote to her that its amistake and to not contact me again and i had to look her up and i found you it was very wierd to me that some one from the other end of the world wanted to give me so much money people be careful!!!!

  51. bin69 says:

    Hi Audrina, great post on the scammer, I am having fun with these scammers right now. Perhaps you would pop by and see the latest.
    I intrigued by the topic of your site and will pop again to read more

  52. Bryan Dauila says:

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