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Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: A girl Sleeps For Two Months Straight

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I read about  this girl with a Disease called Kleine-Levin syndrome a.k.a Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Ok so this 15-year-old girl in the UK  woke up recently  from two months of  sleep.Wow!If i was her Mother i will totally be freaking out. Like seriously 2 months!

Her mother Bernie Richards, 53, said:

“There’s never any warning. I’ve even found her fast asleep on the kitchen floor.

“When she’s in an episode, she might get up to go to the toilet or get a drink but she’s not awake. I call it sleep mode. When she wakes, she thinks it is the following day. She doesn’t have any memory of it.”Stacey needs reassurance during an episode. It’s like she reverts back to being five years old. When she talks, she sounds like a child.”

About when she first noticed Stacey’s sickness:

“Stacey was tired all the time. She couldn’t concentrate at school.

“She would come home zonked out and have to sleep the whole weekend. When it came to Monday morning, I couldn’t wake her up. Then I got a call from school to come and pick her up because she wasn’t well.

“I took her to our GP. All she wanted to do was sleep. The GP said: ‘I know it sounds awful but she looks like a moody, depressed teenager’.”

Stacey  was said to have slept in April, and woken up this month after missing  9 Exams and her Birthday. This is the longest Episode she has had.

What is Kleine-Levin syndrome?
KLS is a disease of adolescence, and sometimes will begin after infection or illness. Sometimes the disease is mistaken for a brain tumor, narcolepsy or even epilepsy but it is none of those..The disease is very rare and there is no known cause or cure for the sleeping disorder although some experts believe that some sufferers do grow out of it.




  1. oooh my God this is sad..i love ma sleep but not sleep for that long…

  2. Jeanmarie Teepe says:

    Sleep disorders can also cause some more serious health problems in the future. ,

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