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Kunle & Bimbo “Nigerian Ken and Barbie” Traditional Wedding Photoshoot.

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I did a post not too long ago titled “My Big fat Nigerian wedding” were i talked about how extravagant and party Crazy Nigerians can be when it comes to Weddings. . Here is this Beautiful presentation of our Traditional Wedding with Dolls used. Its too cute .

This photo-shoot was taken by Nigerian photographer Obi Nwokedi ,who said he was inspired by  French photographer Beatrice’s “Barbie and Kens” wedding shoot on Italian Vogue,and he decided to create a Nigerian Traditional wedding shoot with Kunle and Bimbo (black Barbie and Ken) . His wife designed all the outfits.Everything  took 5 months to complete.

The Bride with her friends getting ready

Hair and Make -up , have to be Perfect for the Photographs.

Check out the Jewellery

The tiny Louboutins. Cute!

The Bride in her Traditional Dress

The Entrance : When the Bride and her Friends make their Entrance
The Groom Kunle

Some of the Guests

Kunle and his Friends

Kunle asking for his Fiancee’s hand in Marriage from her Family

Bimbo the Bride

The Couple’s First Dance
Party Time
We love to Party!


  1. boomiebol says:

    Saw it on Facebook over the weekend, love it!!!

  2. imoh says:

    Lovely concept…

  3. Amazing! I reblog it.

  4. Glor says:

    LOL!, too cute! my parents are Nigerian. xoGlor

  5. Reblogged this on Conceptualist Hic and commented:
    simplement beau !

  6. A fine innovative concept

  7. Nawa O, I do love this concept. But as I look at these dolls I would like to see less green eyes and Brazilian-esque weaves and more braids, cornrows with coral beads et al. I know this sparks up the usual debate of what it is or what it means to look ‘Nigerian’. I am not so much interested in this debate, I just remember that when growing up I wanted to play with more dolls I could relate to…

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