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Love triangle or square? Drake,Meek Mill and Chris brown get into a fight over Rihanna.

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This was too funny for me not to share. Ok so Chris Brown ,Meek Mill ,and Drake got into a fight over Rihanna . Reports say Drake threw a bottle at Chris brown’s chin. The two reportedly started throwing punches and bottles at each other.The fight went down in Manhattan club WIP (under Greenhouse). However new reports say that it Rapper  Meek Mill who actually threw the Bottle at Chris ,because has vehemently denied having anything to do with the fight.

What i found funny is that grown up guys (Rappers) who act so tough,will be fighting (throwing punches and blows) over a woman.Chris tweeted this picture on his Twitter account.

Other pictures from the fight

The bottle allegedly thrown.

Scene of fight.

 W.I.P  Club

A girl who is said to be an Australian tourist, named Hollie C (24years old), Chris brown’s bodyguard Big Pat pictured below was said to have been injured and are reportedly  of some of the 5 people who left the club injured .

  Chris brown’s bodyguard



  1. Lady D says:

    OMG! It never ceases to amaze me some people’s stupidity! Just sad.

  2. They complete idiots and so immature. Money and fame can make some people go mad

  3. Adrien says:


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