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Ok here it is  part 4.( IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS BLOG AND THIS STORY, PLEASE  ACQUAINT YOURSELF TO THE SHORT STORIES CATEGORY). I know i call it short stories, but they some how end up being so long. Sorry i took so long to post part  4.

It was Friday evening, Ade had left the office early, he had promised Fola that he would reduce his working hours and he would start taking things slow. Recently he hadn’t been sleeping and he was always feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Himself and Fola had just finished dinner and were sitting in the living room chatting.

“Ade it’s my birthday in 2weeks and I am still not sure if I want to have a party or not.” Fola said.

“That is weird; you always throw a party for your birthday, why don’t you want a party this year”. Ade asked surprised. “I just want to hang out with friends on that day; I don’t want a party or get together. If there is a party Gwen will come and as my Brother you are also going to be there and I know how awkward it would be for the both of you, and I don’t want any tension at my party”. So it will be much better if I just don’t have a party”. Fola said

Ade looked at his younger sister amazed at her maturity and thoughtfulness; she always put people’s feelings before hers. “My beautiful thoughtful little sister, don’t let Gwen and I’s issues disturb your plans. I am going to make sure you have the best birthday party that you have had. Invite whoever you want, and start making plans for your party. Give me a list of whatever you want done, I will pay for the expenses, don’t bother mum about it

“Oh Ade, Are you sure you will pay for everything no matter the cost”? Dad always says I spend too much. “Yes I will” Ade replied. . “Thank you Ade you are the best brother in the whole world”. Fola said and hugged him.“Ade there is another thing; I don’t want you and Gwen to avoid each other at my party. Promise me that you won’t avoid her.

“I promise. Fola I have never understood your attachment to Gwen .I had other girlfriends in the past and you were never this close to any of them. Take Tola for example you have never liked Tola. Why is this?” “Ade asked

Tola is just too……. I am looking for the word: “loud? Ade supplied, “no not loud, superficial, she is not real. All your previous girlfriends were like that too. Gwen is very down to earth, I guess it’s because of her upbringing, and apart from that I love her. I see her as the older sister I never had”. I told her as much when I saw her on Monday.

“You saw her on Monday? Where? Ade asked surprised, he didn’t know Fola and Gwen still hung out. He had thought the last time Fola had seen Gwen was when she first got back into the country when Fola had given Gwen his phone number. “Fola what have you been up to?”

“I have been up to anything. You do not like me talking about Gwen. This is the first time we are talking about her in years. You always change the topic anytime her name is mentioned. Anyway I go to her office very once in a while and I also visit her at her house. I was at her office on Monday. We even talked about you”. Fola said.

At this time, her face had taken on a serious look. Ade noticed this and asked “you guys talked about me? What did Gwen say about me?”

“I don’t think I should tell you” Fola replied “Come on Fola I know you want to tell me, you don’t hide things from me. What did she say about me?”

“Well I did most of the talking, but its concerns you”………  I don’t know if it would be right if I was the one that told you this, it’s kind of a serious matter. Fola said.

“Fola I didn’t force you to tell me anything in the first place, but since you don’t want tell me I won’t force you to. I am sure what you guys talked us working together.  But don’t keep secrets from me. Do we have a deal?

“Deal”. Fola replied staring at the ground.

“Good. I am going upstairs. By the way Maria called me. She is coming in tomorrow, she said she had been trying to call you all day to tell you she changed her mind and was coming in a day early .She wants you to meet her at the airport. Call her”.

“Ok. Ade there is something I need to tell you. She was silent for a moment and continued “Gwen was never pregnant. Tola and mum also made up a story that Tola was pregnant for you back then .Tola showed Gwen the doctor’s report that she was 4months pregnant so you and Gwen could breakup.

“What are you talking about? Of course Gwen was pregnant, it was in the papers. She and Joe got engaged and Tola was never pregnant for me. Where are getting your stories from? Ade said

“Ade you need to listen to me, I know what I am talking about. Gwen broke up with because Tola told her she was pregnant for you. Gwen was never pregnant and she was never engaged. You guys broke up for no reason.

“Fola are you sure all you are saying is true? This is a serious issue. How do you know all this?

I overhead mum and Tola talking about it. I told Gwen about it on Monday. She said.

You did what?!Why did you do that? How can you tell her before telling me? What were you thinking??? Ade was shouting at the top of his voice.

“I am sorry Ade; I didn’t do it to offend you I just wanted to help. I know you and Gwen still love each other. I want you guys to get back together. What mum and Tola did was bad, and I am sure mum regret doing it now because she knows you are not happy.………… You haven’t been in a long time, and you know I am right.”

I know you mean well Fola, but you should have told me first. Right now I don’t know how to process all this information. I am so surprised and annoyed that our mother could do such a thing. and she didn’t say anything. What do I do now? I can’t deal with this right now. I am going upstairs and I don’t want to be disturbed”. He got up and started to leave the living room.

“Ade I am sorry about everything.” Fola said. Without stopping or looking back he replied “what is done is done, there is nothing to be sorry about”.


Maria was back. She and Fola were in Fola’s bedroom in Ade’s house going through Magazines. “I have the exact same shoes this model is wearing.” Maria said.

Did you just get it? Fola asked. “Yes, I bought it in London. Which reminds me, when I was in London I saw Tola having lunch with a guy. He looked like her ex. Do remember the actor she dated a while back? He looked like him. I am not sure because I couldn’t see his face. I was leaving the restaurant when I saw them and I didn’t go over to their table to say hello because I didn’t want Tola to see me.

“They looked like a couple. I had this feeling like she was cheating on Ade with the guy but that would be strange, even funny. She loves Ade.

“Loves? She is obsessed with my brother. She only has eyes for him. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t think she would she cheat on Ade. Although it could happen; and it would be great if she transferred her obsession to someone else.

Maria chuckled. “So how has Ade been handling what you told him about the whole him, Gwen and Tola situation?

“He hasn’t talked about it again. You know Ade he doesn’t talk about anything concerning Gwen. I feel its pride and regret that is stopping him saying anything. As much as I would like him and Gwen to get back together; I think I will just stay out of their issue. Fola said.

I agree, don’t get involved anymore. Let them work things out for themselves .If they are meant to be together they will find a way to be together. Maria said.

Fola looked at Maria closely and said, “When did you suddenly become a love guru? That was the last thing that I expected to hear from you. When it comes to love and romance you are usually very cynical. What happened to you in London?

Maria started to blush. “Oh my GOD! Maria for real, are you blushing? Fola said

Fola I met a guy in London, I think I am in love. I know it’s too early for me to be saying that, but I have never felt like this before.

“Wow, Hell just officially froze over. Who is this person in my cousin’s body? I can’t believe this. Maria is in love. I wish you can see the expression on your face right now. So tell me more. Who is he? Where is he from? I hope he is Nigerian? Is he hot? When do I get to meet him? But wait a minute; weren’t you going to tell me about this at all?

“I was, but I didn’t want you to tease me the way you are teasing me right now. And yes he is Nigerian and yes he is hot. You will meet him at your birthday party, I invited him.”

“It’s weird the way you are acting right now. I have never seen you like this. I think I like this new you. You are so beautiful inside and out and over the years different guys have tried to win your affection but I have never seen you show any interest in romance until today. Fola said.

“I know, I have always said I am content being single and I have always thought that I will be one of those career women whose career is their whole life. Well I guess I changed my mind. Fola I really think I am in love, because there is no other explanation for what I am feeling. Maria said.

“Love is a beautiful thing and I can see you are so happy and I am happy that you are happy.” Fola said

“I am glad I have finally told you. Ok enough about me, what are we doing for your birthday? Have you gotten an event planner yet? How much did your dad set as the limit? We need to convince him to go all out for your 21st.

Well the good news is Ade is paying for everything and he said I could spend as much as like. I am so excited. Fola replied.

That is really good news. Let’s call Adaobi Noah. She was the event planner that handled Ethel’s wedding. Remember how impressed we were by her work, she is the one we should call for your birthday.

“I agree. I think you should call Ethel and try to get Adaobi’s number. They chatted on about ideas and plans for the party.


Gwen had just arrived at Fola’s Birthday party venue. Fola had booked ECLECTIC for her party. It was a club and also a lounge. She had Fola’s gift in her hands and was looking around for the celebrant. The music was so loud; there were more people at the party than Gwen expected to see. Fola had told her it was only going to be friends and family. Gwen went upstairs to the V.I.P section where she saw Fola sitting down with some other people, in a corner. When Fola saw she got up and rushed to me her and gave her a big hug.  “Happy birthday darling, here this is for you” Gwen said and she gave Fola her present.

“Thank you”. Fola replied “Come let me introduce you to my friends”. She took Gwen by the hand and took her closer to where the others were sitting and introduced her to everyone sitting there and they sat down trying to catch up. “So tell me, how does it feel to turn 21?”Gwen asked “you know what’s funny Gwen is that I feel older than 21”. Fola replied. “But I am glad I am officially now an Adult.”

“I guess you feel older than 21 because you have always been around Adults and most of your friends are older than you. You are actually quite mature for your age so it’s normal you feel this way.

“Yeah you are right. I didn’t think about it that way”. Fola admitted “it makes more sense to me now”

I didn’t expect to see so many people hereGwen said, I thought you said it was only friends and family

Fola laughed “Gwen this are friends and family. I know a lot of people and majority of the people here though are my course mates from school”.

Gwen saw her friend Dayo on the other side of the room, talking with two other people, she turned to Fola “I just saw Dayo, let me go and say hello”

She stood up to go meet her friend. On her way to meet Dayo, she ran into Ade. It wasn’t like she didn’t know he would be there, after all it was his sister’s party, but she had wanted to avoid him throughout her stay at the party. It looked like fate was not on her side. “Hello Ade”

Hi Gwen, so you came? We need to talk. We have a lot to discuss. Ade said.

Gwen replied him “First, Fola is like a sister to me, of course I would come for her birthday party. Secondly this is not the time or the place for us to talk. If you have something you want to talk about, you can reach me at my office. With that said, she started to walk away”

Ade grabbed her arm and pulled her back “I am not done speaking to you”. I said we need to talk now. I know you won’t allow me to see me to see you in the office, now is the perfect time for us to talk.

He looked around them, let go of her arm and said “look, let us not have an argument here and cause a scene. Let’s go somewhere and talk”.

Ok, Gwen finally answered. What was so important that he wanted to talk about? She thought to herself.

Ade took her to a reserved area and they both sat down. Gwen crossed her legs and was fiddling with the hem of her dress, waiting for Ade to start talking. So time passed and he still did not say anything “I thought you had something you wanted to talk about? Gwen said

Ade didn’t reply immediately, it seemed he was having some difficulty saying what he wanted to say.

Ade I didn’t want to ……… Gwen had started saying before Ade cut her off and said “Tola and I broke up”

What Ade said came as a surprise to her and at the same time deep down she felt a happy to her this ,but she said “sorry to hear  about that, but aren’t you guys engaged or something, and by the way, how is this any of my business? Gwen said

“I found out some things. I found out what Fola and my mother did to us. I know what really happened Gwen; Fola told me everything. Ade replied

There was complete silence for a moment then Ade continued. “Why didn’t you tell me when you found out he truth, do you know what I went through because of this whole issue. I went through hell…. I thought the worst of you.

Ade, I remember telling you I was innocent when you accused of some certain things. Yes I found out the whole truth when Fola told me but how did you want me to tell you? What did you want me to say? For crying out loud, you were engaged to someone else!

Yes I was engaged; engaged to the wrong person! But didn’t you think you should tell me. All my pain was for nothing. Don’t you see? We were forced to break up. It was all a calculated plan by my Mother and Tola. He paused for a moment and said “What’s sad is that I still love you”.

“You love me”? Did you just say you love me, Ade?”  Gwen asked surprised,

“Yes you heard right, I still love you, but you destroyed me the last time. As much as I want you back, I don’t know if we would work because of all that has happened”. Ade said

Gwen took this as the sign to try to salvage whatever was left of their lost love “Ade I love you too, I never stopped loving you too. I know all that what happened in the past was mostly my fault, all because I didn’t trust you and I easily believed Tola. I take full responsibility for my actions, please forgive and give me another chance. Please I am begging you” Gwen pleaded, with tears in her eyes.

Ade pulled Gwen into his arms, “Sweetheart don’t cry. I never thought I would see the day that you will be so humble, if this situation wasn’t so serious I might actually start laughing. Look, I love you; thank GOD you also love me back, I never really got over you. I love you so much” He wiped the tears from her eyes, and gazed lovingly at her.

Gwen put her hands around his neck and said “I love you Ade, I love you much more than you know, and she started crying.

“My love, what’s the matter? Why are you crying? Ade asked

“My love this are tears of Joy, I am just so happy” Gwen said smiling, at the same time with tears pouring down her face.

“I am happy too”, and with that he kissed her.





  1. Sharmishtha says:

    you write well. intersting story.

  2. Dave says:

    Our Favorite couple ade and gwen and their love drama are back

  3. lisa says:

    i am glad u posted the part 4. let me read it.Hope its as intresting as the others.

  4. paul says:

    When i received the notification ,i couldn’t believe its been so long since i read the last episode. You write really well.

  5. Greg says:

    Passing by your blog, saw this category and decided to check it out. I am impressed. There is still rooom for improvement but you are very good. Keep it up.

  6. Amina says:

    Audrina you kept the fans of this particular story in suspense,but why? I can believe we are still on this story since February. Love you and your blog still. x

  7. Racheal says:

    Why is it still to be continued? what else is left ?

  8. Dina says:

    Aww,so cute.Lovely couple.

  9. caroline says:

    Your characters are almost so real. They are very stubborn,their problem is not so hard to solve. I almost feel like i am in the rellationship with them.Great story.

  10. Brooke says:

    i just bookmark your site after reading this,i was hooked. Your other write-ups are just as good.I”be visiting tis site oftenn from now on.

  11. Denrele says:

    After reading this i had to go and read the other parts1.You had a lot of comments for the part 1.That is a good sign.The story is very interesting.

  12. faith says:

    I have been having exams,so i having checked your site of late,.Happy to see this story has gradually reached th end. Proud of you.

  13. Jacob says:

    This is really good.A little bit too long for me ,considering i dont like to read ,but very good.

  14. vincent says:

    My sister is a big fan of your blog.She made interested in this short stories,and together we have waited for the part 4 .You did well.

  15. kemi says:

    Wait, there is a part 5?

  16. Stella says:

    Love and all its problems.What a nice ending for their love story.

  17. sharon says:

    Like the story..

  18. Jumoke says:

    You are an amazing blogger. I have been following this story from day one. I enjoyed the story.

  19. Frank says:

    Excellent story.

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