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Beyoncé is back and better!

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My girl Bey is back. I had been wondering when i would see her on stage again. After only five months after delivering her baby girl Blue Ivy.Beyoncé performed at Ovation Theater at The Revel. in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which was attended by Michelle Obama with daughters. The Theme of the show is Back To Business.Beyoncé admitted to being nervous as she returned to the stage Saturday  night. I just love her  passion and drive .She said:

‘I gotta say, it feels so good to be back home on stage.’“I haven’t been on the stage for a whole year,”,  ‘I had to lose 60 pounds. . “Y’all don’t know how hard I had to work. They had me running on that treadmill, eating lettuce.”“I’m getting chocolate-wasted.”
i have to say that she is looking really good.Jay-Z, who recently returned from the London leg of his Watch The Thrones tour with Kanye West,tweeted :
I totally agree. (Although if Micheal Jackson was still alive ,he would be the best)


  1. karina says:

    of course jay-z will say that she is his wife for Christs sakes! Janet Jackson is the greatest performer on planet sad how quickly people forget. Just because we have seen her in a while doesn’t mean she is not the best. the best will always be the best.

  2. stephanie says:

    i was at the was sold out,and beyonce really put on a show.she is really the greatest.

  3. brody says:

    I still do not believe she gave birth to that baby,like wtf,60pounds,she never looked like she gained 60 pounds.she cant fool me.She took out the pillow from under her clothes and is claiming eating lettuce.someday the truth gonna come out.

  4. caroline says:

    i have got to try that lettuce diet. If it worked for beyonce it should work for me.

  5. latestwithVR says:

    I am a complete FAN! Love me some Beyonce. She looks great and the tweet from Jay-Z was so sweet…and true. I thought Janet was the best, but Beyonce has to vocals to top Janet.

  6. BEY is SO SO SO inspiring!!! And beautiful!!! =D

  7. shiroknowes says:

    For me she’s is one of the greatest entertainer of our century right now and she’s beautiful, succesful and gooooood ! ( I’m a fan ) !

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