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Rapper Nas is on the cover Complex magazine’s June/July 2012 issue.

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Rapper Nas covers Complexmagazine’s June/July 2012 issue.The 38-year-old rapper wore a  in a Woolrich Woolen Mills shirt, Polo tank, Rocawear shorts and Kangol hat for the Kareem Black shot front page.Urban music legend Nas covers the latest issue of Complex magazine. In an interview with the magazine he talked about his upcoming tenth studio album “Life Is Good” and his new outlook on life after splitting with singer Kelis. According to him,he has been busy putting together his album ahead of this year’s expected release date.

Excerpts from the Interview are :

On his upcoming album Life Is Good:
“This is different. The way you work, your approach, is different each time. I’m at a cool, mature, easy place.”

On the most important thing that he wants to teach his son about women?:
“He has to have his own life. My experience could be the wrong thing for his life and what’s ahead of him. A lot of older people are giving the worst advice, based on the problems they had. I’m going to need him to tell me what to do. That’s what I’m looking forward to. If I’m here, we’ll talk. If not, he’s going to figure it out on his own. He’ll take his mother’s words, he’ll take my words, and then there’s the truth. Whatever he feels, he’s got to go with his heart, and be a man in every occasion.”

On how his relationship with women has changed now that he’s older:
“I’m taken aback by the beauty of women. There was a time when I only saw big breasts and thick a**es. Now, I see the beauty in the subtleties. Those are even better than the t*ts and a**. The aesthetics have changed for me.”

On if he sees himself ever getting married again:
“Not right now. I’m enjoying life and looking at each day like, ‘This is beautiful.’ I’m having a good time. I’m not going to bring anybody in to mess that up. You come around looking like you’re going to mess this good time up, you’re out of here—fast. [Laughs.] I’m not sacrificing my happiness for nobody and their drama. No way.”

Check out the photos from inside the Magazine.



  1. Dave says:

    Nas is so fly,i love his music, and most of all his swag.

  2. kano says:

    Nas is back.the king is back

  3. sam says:

    I like the fact that you are versatile audrina,you do fashion,entertainment,music,art,the only part you dont really touch is sports. Good work you have going here.

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