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Jennifer Lopez Named Most Powerful Celebrity in the World!

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Jennifer Lopez Tops The 2012 List Forbes magazine .Forbes magazine named American Idol judge, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity.She reportedly made  $52 million over the past 12 months ,and beat Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise for the No. 1 spot.  Jennifer Lopez is credited  for landing endorsement deals and perfume and clothing lines just when it seemed her career was in trouble following a series of album and movie failures. The 42-year-old singer, actress and dancer jumped from 50th place on last year’s list, which measures power by entertainment-related earnings, media visibility and social media popularity.

Oprah Winfrey, was at number two, earning an estimated $US165 million.Oprah places second ahead of Justin Bieber, who graces the cover. Canadian pop star Justin Bieber stayed at number three, where he debuted last year, earning $US55 million.This figure that could go up next year with the release of his upcoming ‘Believe’ album. Forbes credits Bieber for his often-overlooked business dealings, noting that he has stakes in Spotify and Tinychat.Pop star Rihanna landed on the list for the first time at number four, while Lady Gaga dropped four places from last year to number five.British singer Adele entered the list at number 24, while Charlie Sheen was the biggest name to drop off the list after his Two And A Half Men exit.

The top ten most powerful celebrities according to Forbes are:

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. Oprah Winfrey

3. Justin Bieber

4. Rihanna

5. Lady Gaga

6. Britney Spears

7. Kim Kardashian

8. Katy Perry

9. Tom Cruise

10. Stephen Spielberg

After seeing this list all i want to know  is where is Beyonce name on this list ???



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    Informative – Great Sharing !

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    Great website over here!

  3. Not everyone’s really keen on her these days, but I just think she’s sooo hot and sexy, and beautiful!

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