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Christina Milian on the cover of Denim Magazine May 2012 Issue

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Christina Milian is looking stunning on the May 2012 issue of DENIM Magazine. The sultry star actress talks on how she’s been able to balance her career and take good care of her little baby. She also talks on her current relationship with her ex-husband and whether she’s currently dating.

Here are Excerpts from the Interview:

DENIM: How are you balancing the many faucets of your career and being a mommy?
CM: #TeamNoSleep – that’s what I live by! I have a nanny and family to help and I try to bring Violet everywhere I can.

DENIM: What’s a day in the life of Christina Milian?
CM: Wake up, bathe and feed Violet, answer emails and business questions with my Mother. Then I work out, head to meetings, and later have a glass of wine with my girlfriends. After that, I head home and continue business and mommy-hood until the day ends. Maybe even go to the studio- late.

DENIM: Post divorce, how is your relationship with The Dream?
CM: He and I are cool now. We have a good rapport with each other and are focused on Violet living a happy life.

DENIM: Spin the threads. Are you currently dating? Are you looking to re-marry someday?
CM: Not into dating. I don’t want to waste time on someone else to break my heart, take up my time or even deal with another character. I’m happy being a mom and staying focused. NO DRAMA!

DENIM: If you decided to start dating, what characteristics in a man do you find attractive?
CM: Humble, funny, focused and can communicate well. He’s got to be interesting!

DENIM: Congratulations on your new role for the 2nd season of The Voice! What exactly is that role and do you have any expectations? What can we [viewers] expect?

CM: I’m the host of all their web connects- from Facebook to Twitter to my own personal “Voice” blog.


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