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Vanessa Williams reveals secret teenage abortion in her new book

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Vanessa Williams the 49-year-old Desperate Housewives star with her mother Helen Williams,  during an  interview with ABC’s Nightline,  spoke candidly about a high school pregnancy that ended in abortion.She explained how she had aborted her baby as a teenager because she was too scared to tell her parents. . She says she  believes she became sexually active early because of the  molestation. She  said was sexually abused as a 10-year-old by an 18-year-old female family friend, as reported.

She said:’I think I was highly sexualised because I was in fifth grade and I had this experience. ‘Being pregnant is the most frightening thing that happens in your life.”I knew in high school that’s something that I was not prepared to do, or fight, or struggle with.”Because it feels good, you’re like, OK, well this is supposed to be normal. That’s not normal for a 10-year-old to be seduced.’

Vanessa Williams

Now a mother of four, the Desperate Housewives star is sharing the details of her often traumatic past in her autobiography, You Have No Idea.

Book club: Vanessa and her mother Helen have co-written her memoir You Have No Idea

In the book, she also talks about when she let a photographer take photos of her nude after he promised they would never be released.

‘I started out on top of a cab and ended up in a studded collar upstairs an hour later,’ Williams said. ‘That was my joke, saying, you know, ‘How could I go from this trusting, you know, photo shoot, to being in S&M clothing within the same shoot with a guy I didn’t know.” “I’ve learned to embrace my past. I embrace the choices that I have been given in my life”The photographer however didnt keep his promise and Vanessa lost her Miss America crown after featuring in Penthouse magazine.Williams was the first black Miss America.

Making history: Vanessa was crowned Miss America, in 1983, she was the first black woman to win the title

In 2007, Vanessa achieved a career pinnacle, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her accomplishments as a performer.

Vanessa Williams



  1. ehesquire says:

    Still a great woman and performer. We all, unfortuantely, have tramatic histories, but it’s how you deal with that shape and form our lives. No apologies Vanessa you’ve done well.

  2. ALLY says:

    Everyone makes mistakes. Its what you make of your circumstances through your choices that matter. The fact she decided to share this secret with the World just makes me respect her even more.

  3. Dayo says:

    Vanessa Williams aborted a baby? Wow. Who would have guessed?

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