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Kwame Relaunches Nigezie and Unveils New Yoruba Movie Channel.

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Femi Aderibigbe, popularly known as Kwame has  relaunched Nigezie, Nigerians first 24 hours music/lifestyle channel, and  introduced a 24hours Yoruba movie channel known as Orisun.

He says “the brand is back, bigger and better. It’s now well packaged to provide the best of quality programming that is 100% proudly Nigerian”.
Kwame shed more light on the need for the retreat and re-emergence of the brand with plans for the future.
“Nigezie, the all music station will continue to be a yardstick for quality entertainment and become a platform for effective self expression for thousands of creative people within and outside the country, with prime programs such as E-xtra, Tear Rubber and Nigerian Top 20. The channel will still showcase the positive mental attitude, tenacity and vision of the Nigerian spirit. Since the inception of the brand in 2004 with Global Sounds, Virtual Media Network has been in the forefront of the entertainment and lifestyle scene in the country by helping to redefine urban contemporary youth culture and serving as a social change agent for promoting the uniqueness of the Nigerian spirit, this it did for the past years prior to its pulling out to repackage itself. The company is now strategically positioned and scheduled with nothing less than the best of contents that will help to project the brand to the world. In the actual fact, VMN has put itself in a position that has made it and the contents they provide to be exportable even beyond the shores of the continent, Africa.”

The new Nigezie logo

Kwame spoke further on the new Nigezie logo, Nigezie Online, the theme song and future projects.
“The Logo has worn a stronger, bolder, greener and well grounded look; this will reflect the strong and vibrant spirit of the Nigerian and solid state of the company as a whole from the journey of yesterday till present. With over sixteen million online views, and a minimum of Four thousand views everyday, our online platform, has become a force to reckon with amongst the Nigerian online youth community in the Diaspora. With strong presence on Facebook and twitter, the Fans and Followers of the Nigezie brand have continued to multiply daily and it has placed itself as the No 1 online entertainment hub for Nigerian youths all over the world. The theme song is a collaboration of some of Nigeria’s biggest acts such as Sound Sultan, Goldie, Brymo, Jessie Jags, Weird Mc, Bouqui, Capital FEMI, and Sheyman who also produced the hit. The theme song reflects the steady rise and journey of the pacesetter and major player in the Nigerian entertainment industry that Nigezie has become known for. The music video to the song is already on the way”.
Speaking on the second pioneering brand, Orisun (meaning the source), Kwame said “the indigenous Yoruba channel will mirror the lifestyle and culture of the Yoruba race via movies, soaps, documentaries, series, talk shows and a host of other programmes, hence it will portray the uniqueness of the Yorubas. The channel will serve as the source of high end quality Yoruba entertainment”.
As regards the broadcast platform for the rebirth of Nigezie and the launch of Orisun, Kwame said “the introduction of the digital terrestrial platforms in Nigeria has urged us to launch the 2 channels on the StarTimes Platform. Nigezie broadcasts on Channel 128 while Orisun broadcasts on Channel 130. The plan to use the platform came as a result of the fact that in the nearest future, the digital terrestrial platforms will create unimaginable possibilities in the industry”.
Kwame also disclosed the plans of acquiring their own satellite equipments with which they would use to uplink their contents to  broadcasters all over the world at a minimum cost to them is on. He hopefully stated that this will be accomplished before the end of June, 2012.

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