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I am sorry guys that it took me so long to post the part 3, but i hope you like this. Enjoy!


“Gwen I have been looking all over for you”! One of the guests worked into the living room. She was the wife of one of frank’s business partners called Daniel; Dayo had introduced her to the lady and her husband some minutes before, her name was Samantha.  “I came in to get some iced water” Gwen said. “Samantha, this Ade, he is also a friend of Dayo and Frank, he just got here”. Samantha and Ade exchanged pleasantries and she turned back to Gwen and said “As I was saying, I have been searching for you, we are about to serve the food.  I have saved a seat for you by my side, we need to discuss more about your ideas for the decor of my house, I absolutely love your ideas” she chatted on unaware of tension in the room.  “Gwen let’s go outside Daniel is waiting for me” Samantha said. “You can go on, I will join you in a minute’’ Gwen replied.

As soon as Samantha left Gwen said “I did not know you are also a liar apart from being a cheat. You stand your and deny your own child??? I saw the test results. You can’t deceive me. I can’t believe what my ears are hearing!!! She stormed out of the living room. Ade still confused didn’t know when he stood up and went after her, “Gwen wait”! He reached her and grabbed her arm. As soon as he did he realized it was a mistake, Gwen froze, if looks could kill the look she gave him would have killed him there and then “don’t ever touch me again’’. She walked away, back to the guests and started chatting with the guests like she had never left them. Ade watched from where he stood, turned and left the house.

The time was 8:00 pm, Gwen was in her car on her way home after the barbeque, her driver had decided to take another route home which turned out to be a bad idea because the route had led them a dead end and they had to turn back. Now they were stuck in traffic.  Her driver switched on the radio, he was going through channels, and Gwen started reflecting on the events of the day. The barbeque had been fun, it was always nice to hang out with friends; the only dark part of the day was when she saw Ade had their argument. He was such a liar, if only he owned up to his mistake. Why did guys….. Her thoughts were interrupted by the song that just came on. It was Nick lachey ‘this I swear ’’. “Switched off that radio” she screamed at her driver ,the driver was surprised because she rarely ever raised her voice ,in his confusion he almost hit the car ahead of them “yes madam’’. “Are you trying to kill us” Gwen continued screaming at him “yes…no madam”.  “Shut up and just drive’’ she told him. The driver had a look that had a combination of surprise and fear on his face; she found it so funny she almost started laughing. The song had just rattled her; she had not heard it in years. It was her and Ade song. No it had been her and Ade song she mentally corrected himself. It had been the song playing when he proposed to her all those years ago. Ade said the song represented everything he felt and would do for her. She had believed him…. GOD she had. All of a sudden memories came rushing back and she felt so sad she wanted to cry. She held back the tears and stared outside her car window lost in thought.

It was 12:30 on Monday, Ade’s mind was on the Danico project his Architectural firm had been contracted to do, however there was a part of the contract that didn’t favour his company. They had to work with an interior decorating firm chosen by their client. His company usually handled this aspect of the job, apart from the building construction and so on, but Mr. Danico his client was adamant on using Faswerdas services and was not ready to change his mind. The contract was worth 500 Million.  He was willing to do anything to make his client happy even if it meant doing something he usually never does.  But that wasn’t the current problem.  In the last two weeks , after  they had contacted Faswerdas and sent over the contracts for them to sign, there had never had a business meeting to discuss plans for the project. His secretary had been trying to get in touch with Chinedu the company’s M.D but to no avail. His insider David who was Frank’s cousin was also not returning his calls. David Bankole was Head logistics and development at Faswerdas.

Tola called his cellphone. “Hi darling, do you want to go out for lunch?” She was the last person he wanted to see or talk to right now but her bubbly attitude was a welcome surprise compared to her cold attitude of the last few days. They had not spoken to one another for about three days. “You seem happy; did you have a nice weekend? I am sorry I had to work this weekend and I could not go for that event you wanted me to go with you to. How was it? ” “Oh Ade  It was wonderful! All our friends were there. I was not disappointed. It should really be the event of the year; I do not think any other event can top it: By the way the press was fascinated with my dress, the red Valentino dress you bought for me in Paris, do you remember it? “No I don’t Ade said.” “I have a lot of work to do so I can’t go out for lunch with you”. “You are speaking to me like I am wasting your time. Ade is your work is becoming more important than me? I have always accepted your work as your first girlfriend but these days all you do is work………. “You asked me to tell about my weekend, but you are not  interested”.  She kept quiet for a while and continued. “I know you were with her this weekend”. “With whom ?” Ade asked “Let me rephrase that, Tola said, I know you saw her this weekend. I know she was at Dayo and Frank’s barbeque”. Who is her”?  Ade asked. “Don’t mention her name, I can’t stand her. What do you see in her Ade? What she can she give to you that I can’t give you? What does she have that I don’t have?  You must not leave me for her. She dumped you, she doesn’t love you. She never loved you, I love you. Ade I love you.

“Tola, why are you talking this way? When did I say Gwen and I were getting back together, she is my past you are my present, why would such a thought even pop into your brain, you amaze me at times.”  “I think that way because I know you Ade; since Gwen came back you don’t care about me anymore. Promise me no matter what might happen you will never leave me and go back to her”. Tola was waiting for an answer; he knew he should say something, say what she wanted him to say but ….. Suddenly his office intercom rang; grateful for the interruption Ade quickly said to Tola, “I‘ll call you back, I have business matters to attend to right now, you have nothing to be worried about”. “Ok, I love you. Bye. Tola said. “Me too” Ade replied.  Then he answered the call. “Sir his secretary said you have a call on line 2, its David Bankole from Faswerdas co.  Ade picked up his call, “Hello David we have not heard from your office for two weeks, we need to sit down to discuss plans for the Danico project, time is being wasted and this is not professional at all. “That is exactly the reason I called Ade, we are withdrawing from the project. Management has decided not to take up the Danico project anymore. “David stop right there, Mr. Danico wants us to work together on the museum of art’s project, our company can just as well provide the interior services, but Mr. Danico specifically asked that Faswerdas do the interiors or he would take the project from us” .

“Ade it is out of my hands, and moreover we signed no contract binding us to anything. I am sorry; Gwen decided to cancel the project for her reasons. Personally I would love for Faswerdas to be involved in this project, but at the same time the decision is in Gwen’s hands…….. Gwen? Who is Gwen? Ade asked? “Gwen is the owner /CEO Faswerdas. “David replied. “What about Chinedu”? Ade asked. Chinedu is the managing director, Gwen owns the company, and I am surprised you don’t know this Ade. ; Anyway she is the one who ultimately makes all the decisions. I have got to go I just felt that you deserve an explanation, which is why I called. “Thank you for letting me know” Ade said.  Goodbye”, David said and the line went dead.

It was all making sense to him now, the delay of Faswerdas, no response from them and Gwen being the CEO. He was proud of her for making a name for her herself, Faswerdas was doing well, it wasn’t as good as his company but they were one of the best in their field. How come he didn’t know she was the CEO? At the same time he was annoyed that she had cancelled her company’s involvement in the project. Who did she think she was? It was his project! She couldn’t just decide she did not want to be involved in the project again without giving him good reasons. She should know that she can’t just withdraw from a commitment she has made without explanation, whether she like it or not, the Danico project was going on.

He called his Secretary on the phone, “put me through to Faswerdas I want to speak to Gwen”. After several fruitless attempts by his secretary to contact Gwen to speak to him, who had been told that Gwen was not receiving any calls? Ade decided to try her cell phone number. He had saved the other night when she called him. He dialed her number, fortunately she picked “Hello” Gwen said. “How dare you Gwen, he was shouting into his phone, he could not help it, he was very angry. “How dare you think you can cancel our contract like that without informing me before hand? Gwen replied “Ade what makes you think that it is ok for you to speak to me like this”?  “I tried several times to get in touch with you to no avail, so that we could settle our differences before we started doing business together, I have decided that my company is not going to do business with you and this is my final decision. If you have nothing else important to say I have to go, I do not have time for this, I have a meeting in 10mins ,Goodbye” and she cut the call. Ade tried calling back but her phone was switched off. He was Ade Johnson, none of his business partners had ever defiled him, this kind of thing had never happened. She did not have a choice in this matter; business is business. He was going to remind Gwen who she was dealing with.

Gwen was stepping into her office just back from lunch, when her cell phone rang; she had picked it without checking the caller ID. If she had seen it was Ade’s number she wouldn’t have picked the call, what a waste of time.Just then Fola walked into her office. “Hi Gwen” She and Fola had been hanging out since she got back to the country. Fola usually came to her house and occasionally to her office so her secretary was familiar with her and always let her in. But she hadn’t expected to see her today. It was such a coincidence that Fola came in just after Ade had called her. “Hello dear, how has your day been?”

“My day has been fine so far, she went around Gwen’s office table gave her a hug. I went shopping and both a lot of things. I bought you a pair of shoes”.  “Here this is for you”. Fola handed over the package she had for Gwen. “How thoughtful of you Fola, thank you”, fola smiled and went to sit down on the couch that was in the corner of Gwen’s office.

“Gwen you have also bought me so many things in the past, you are like a sister to me, the older sister I have always wanted”. “I feel the same way too” Gwen said. Gwen picked her office and called her secretary “Cynthia I don’t want to be disturbed, I will not be receiving any calls or visitors at the moment”.

Gwen then left her seat and went to join Fola on the couch. “Thank you for the shoes, I also see you as a sister and good friend too.  I am glad our friendship has lasted this long after your brother and I broke up. “Me too Gwen, and speaking of my brother, have the both of you managed to get together to talk? Ade doesn’t like to talk about you and neither do you want to talk about him, so I don’t really know what is going on.

“Fola it’s important that you listen carefully to what I am about to tell you…….. No matter how much you want us to, Ade and I are never going to get back together, and I don’t want to discuss this issue with you again” Gwen said.  “Gwen I know in my heart that you two still love each other and there is something…… “Fola what did I just say? Gwen cut her in midsentence” “Gwen please hear me out……I am trying to say something very important here, something I have never told you before that may change things….. “ I found out that the reason you broke up with Ade was because tola told you she was pregnant with Ade’s child? Is this true?  Reluctantly Gwen nodded yes in response to her. “Gwen, tola was never pregnant for Ade back then, her pregnancy story was a ploy she and my mother made up so you and Ade could break up.

“That is impossible, Fola I saw the tests myself, and moreover I always used to meet her at Ade’s house when we were dating. He was cheating on me with her when we were engaged. Don’t you see that he didn’t hesitate to start dating her after we broke up? Fola replied  “Gwen do you not  know that most people have a price?  It’s very easy to pay someone to get a fake medical report; these are the benefits of having money and power. Didn’t it ever cross your mind that Tola might have been lying? As for the fact that my brother is now engaged to Tola, they have been friends since they were young, Tola’s family and ours are close; he is only doing what my parents have wanted him to do for a long time, which is to get married to tola. ”. “This is a lot to digest. If what you are saying is true Fola, it means we broke up for nothing. Ade would never forgive me for not trusting him, nothing would still change” Gwen said. Fola held Gwen while she said her next words “something would change, the truth would be revealed. Also my brother will want nothing to do with Tola once he finds out” there was a short pause and she continued “I see you and no one else as my sister-in-law Gwen; I can assure you that beneath all his indifference my brother still loves you and I know you feel the same way; Please think about what I have told you”.  “Now on a lighter note, Fola said quickly changing the topic “did I tell you that I am going to be on the cover of GLAM Magazine, the photo shoot is next week”? “No you didn’t “Gwen replied.  Fola kept on chatting about her cover spread, but Gwen’s mind was far away.

To be continued ……..



  1. hannah says:

    finally ! you posted the part 3 ,when i got the notification in my email i quickly followed the link. i haven’t even read it yet.

  2. sam says:

    the long awaited part 3 is here. i had lost hope,since you started with all your fashion and beauty things and left out all your other readers that are not into that stuff. Don’t let another month pass before we read part 4.

  3. IJ says:

    Aww,she is still in love with him. wont it be nice to have such a supportive sister-inlaw in reality

  4. samantha says:

    i wish my fiance’s sister was like fola. mine is just the devils incarnate.

  5. PETER says:

    when is part 4 going to be posted?

  6. Dan says:

    i just read this part 3 and i love the story ,i am going to read the parts 1&2 now. Good work.

  7. simon says:

    Audrina, why are are you keeping us all in suspense? post part 4 asap! (please)

  8. Kayode says:

    i thought with the time you took before you posted this we would have concluded the story by now? waiting for part 4.

  9. sugarmama says:

    i like the way you wrote out the conversation between ade and gwen when ade was pissed off at her and she gave it right back to him and put him in his place lol.

  10. Dosh says:

    finally part 3 is out. i check this site everyday to see if its up. i looovvveeeee this story. keep it up and pls dont take too long with part 4.

  11. lala says:

    Halleluiah Part 3. I see you are yet to include the sex scene i suggested in part 1. I hope it will be included in part 4. Over all i like part 3, waiting patiently for part 4

  12. dayo says:

    Nice. lala how were you able put halleluyiah and sex in the same sentence. lwtmb

  13. Lady Lee says:

    Becomin mor interestin.

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