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The phone kept ringing. Ade pressed the ignore button and switched off the phone. He was not interested in anything thing she had to say.He checked the time, 3:05 am ,whatever little sleep he thought he was going to get had suddenly disappeared ,maybe he should try to get some work down. He got off from the bed and went down downstairs .

Somewhere else, two people were having a conversation on the phone. “she is back ,and she wants to see him, we cannot let that happen ,they can’t find out anything. We must prevent them from seeing each other. The voice on the end replied “We”? There is no we.
They started arguing, threats were made. One of them did not want to talk again and decided to end the conversation and said “let me make it perfectly clear Tola, even if you try to blackmail me I am not helping you again and the call was disconnected.”
It was after eleven o’clock Tuesday night when Gwen walked into her house. She’d spent a long day in the office. She needed to find something to occupy her mind, but after realizing she’d spent nearly two hours staring out the window, thinking of nothing but Ade and the fact she had not been able to reach him. It had been two weeks since she tried to call Ade. It seemed like he was avoiding her. But she needed to speak to him. If they to work together they needed to clear some things and put the past behind them even though it would not be easy for her, she didn’t know how she would act if she saw him..
Her house was cool, quiet, lifeless. She picked up the wedding invitation of her friend Dayo. Everyone managed to fall in love and get married but her? She had met Dayo through Ade . Dayo’s fiancé Frank were roommates in university. The four of them used to go on double dates in the past. She had not kept in touch with Dayo when she left the country, they had run into each other at the Spa when she went for her weekly appointment. It had been a nice reunion, they had talked, but consciously avoided talking about Ade. They exchanged numbers and Dayo invited her for a Barbeque party at Frank’s house ,“it’s just a small party, Just a few friends nothing elaborate” she had said. The barbeque was tomorrow what was she going to wear? Was Ade going to be there? Sigh . She would just have to wait until tomorrow.


The barbeque was more like a couples get-together , she had met two couples there, plus Dayo and Frank and her altogether there were seven people at the party. They were sitting outside at the back of the house and getting to know each other. Everyone was very nice and friendly, but she felt alone, she was the only single person here. Although Dayo said she was expecting one more guest. She decided to go into the kitchen to get ice water. When she got in she noticed Frank was talking to someone, a man but he had his back to her so she could not see his face. She had worked passed them when she heard the voice. She turned back to see it was Ade. Ade had stopped talking with Frank and was looking at her.She just stood there. So many questions rushed through her mind, what was he doing here? Did Frank and Dayo plan this, what was she going to say? She didn’t like being caught off guard. How was she going to control her emotions. Why today of all days did she have to see him?
I think I will leave you two to talk frank said and walked out of the kitchen. Ade walked out of the kitchen, she quickly followed him “Ade wait” she said. He walked past the dining area into the sitting room and stopped and turned. “What do you want”? He asked.
The room was quiet as they stared at each other as if waiting for something to happen. Gwen broke the silence, “I have been wanting to talk to you, I have left messages with your P.A and tried calling you several times . Are you avoiding me?
Ade replied ,”why would I be avoiding u? I have just been busy. How are you? You look great, you are much slimmer than the last time I saw you .Are not over working yourself? “No I am not. Your concern is sweet,” she said. “Misplaced, but sweet. I need to speak to you about a business proposal. I did not want awkward situation when we met in a business meeting so I decide to talk to you first. but this not the time and place to rally discuss it, we need to set an appointment so we can talk. “We have nothing to talk about Gwen, I doubt we can do business together”. He stood up to leave.
“How is Tola? She blurted out . She knew his life and what he did with it was none of her business but she could not help herself. She kept on talking.“I heard you guys are together now. Are you going to get married to her? Do you plan to spend the rest of your life with her like you planned with me?
“Well, you ruined those plans, didn’t you? Are you here to ruin my life some more Gwen? Why are we having this conversation? I don’t have time to discuss this “You have no right to ask about my life or even care.” Why?” she asked, in disbelief. Of course I care about you. We were friends before we became a couple. I care a lot about you. I thought we could still be friends.“You’ve never cared about anyone, except yourself Gwen, you and I can never be friends again.” He turn and walked away.
Why are you treating me like this Ade? What did I do to you? He turned to look at her the hurt was evident in her eyes ,he walked back towards her ,when he got to her he forced her to look up at him, holding her shoulders so she couldn’t look away. “How did you expect me to react after seeing you after such a long time. You left me to marry someone else and you were pregnant for him. Gwen looked at him like she had just heard the most shocking news that she had ever heard in her life.
Ade what are you saying??? I have never been married or pregnant in my life. When I got to the states I started to work for Joe. We were together, he wanted to marry me, I just could bring myself to fall in love with him and we spent a lot of time apart because of work, so I broke things off .Gwen told him she and Joe had decided a year after they started dating that they had grown apart. For the entire time that she had been living in the states, she had studiously avoided romantic entanglements. Her relationship with Joe had been exceedingly complicated near the end. She was enjoying the simple life.
This is unbelievable, so you are not married ? So why did we break up ? Why did you break up with me? Gwen looked at him and said, “Did you think you could fool me, do not even try to deny it ,I know all about the child I saw the pregnancy test”. “What child ?”Ade asked confusion written all over I know about the child you had with Tola ,did you really think I would marry you after you cheated on me and me knowing that you were having a child with another woman?
What? !!! Ade exclaimed.
To be continued …………………………………………….



  1. dolapo says:

    This story is getting more intresting,i wish it ended here. th suspense is killing me

  2. shade says:

    i think tola is behind their breakup that is why she was behaving strangely on her birthday in part 1.

  3. james says:

    i enjoyed this prt 2,keep up the good work. i hope it ends in prt3.

  4. bibi diamond says:

    All the secerts are coming out. i hope they get back together.

  5. freshkid says:

    waiting for part 3

  6. Dosh says:

    nice story…really lookin 4ward to part 3

  7. pash says:

    this story is really interesting..cant wait for how it will end

  8. sade says:

    wait i am confused,what is really going on here? wow.!!!!!!!!!!!

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