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Checking his Swiss Watch for the third time, Ade impatiently drummed his fingers annoyingly on the table of Fashbelle’s restaurant. On Friday night, the restaurant in Adeola Odekun Victoria Island was packed. He’d made reservations a week ago for Tola’s birthday a week ago.It was very difficult making reservations in this Resturant especially on a friday night,but being the son of the third richest man in the country had its advantages. Ade had paid for a whole section of the Restaurant so they would not be disturbed. She was almost an hour late. His cell phone rang. “Where are you!” he answered with a growl. There was so much noise in the background, she yelled back, “I am still in Festac and I am stuck in traffic, I can’t make it.

He replied “Tola if this is a joke you need to stop it right now. I have been waiting for you for close to an hour ,You know how much effort I put into making this night special for you . “Well I am sorry I can’t make it,I might be stuck here all night” she said , and I would be too tired for anything else by the time I get there. Call me later ,and she hung up before he could get a word in edgewise and even wish her happy birthday once more.

Tola had been acting differently ever since she found out that Gwen was back in the country.Gwen had tried to get in contact with him through his sister Fola. Well he won’t blame her if he was in her shoes he probably react worse than she was behaving. Gwen had been the love of his life.

He paid for the meal he had ordered while waiting and left the Restaurant. On the drive home the question that had been on his mind the past few days was why Gwen wanted to see him. There was definitely no room for a Reconciliation.So was it to apologise?Well she could keep her apology to herself.He was still very angry at her. She was the one who had broken off their relationship, to say he had been brokenhearted would be an understatement,he had been shattered. She was the only woman he had ever loved and she had made a fool out of him. It had come from nowhere and she had said that she had stopped loving him. Where did all her love go? The best thing was him avoiding her,and Gwen leaving him alone and returning back to the states and everyone getting on with their lives. Their break up had been four years ago,he had not seen or spoken to her since then,it was too late to apologise.

He got home within 45minutes,he lived in ikoyi in an expansive estate in the Mansion he had designed himself.He was an Architect by Profession although he did not pratice because he ran one his father’s companies.It was what was expected of him. He had always wanted to design the house he would get married and have kids in. When he and Gwen were still together, he always thought they would live here together. She had even said she would do the interior decorating since that was that what she was into.

He switched off the house alarm got into the house and switched it back on.Apart from the servants,and drivers,He lived by himself. This house was really too large for just one person, but thanks to his cousin Maria and sister Fola who preferred living with him than with their parents in their family house, he didn’t feel lonely at times. However they were in the states now having fun in Maimi and he was alone.

He undressed and took a shower and got ready to sleep, then remembered he had to call Tola .She had totally escaped his mind. He decided to call her but her number was busy. He decided to wait a while and called again,it was still engaged. “who could she be speaking to at this time”? He thought .After trying several times he gave up and decided to go sleep. But sleep eluded him. He was still thinking about Gwen.

They had met in an Art gallery in Abuja. She was among the few people that came to see the Artist’s exhibition that day. However he had brought a date that day, a lady he was seeing then,but didn’t plan on having anything serious with.She had been bored .She couldn’t understand why anyone would be interested in art or even think of buying it.She felt it was a waste of money. After they had seen about three paintings,she had excused herself to go to the ladies.

Gwen had been studing a particular painting. From behind she had a very nice figure, he didn’t give the lady much thought until she turned to her side to face him when he stood by her side also trying to view the painting she had been looking at. Wow! Yes Wow was the word that came to his mind when he saw her, she was beautiful! She said hello,smiled and turned back to keep looking at the painting on wall, lost in thought as if the painting were silently speaking to her. It was the smile that got him, she had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

He turned to look at the painting but his mind really on the lady by his side. Then she walked off, just like that without a second glance, he wanted to go after her but just then his date found him.
It was when he decided to try to buy the particular painting they had been looking at, he ran into her again, she was with another lady and they wanted to buy the painting or so it seemed.

As it turned out Gwen knew the Artist, they were very good friends. Roy the Artist was equally a very good friend of Ade,so he used the opportunity to get more information about Gwen.
It turned out that Roy and Gwen were childhood friends and they saw each other as siblings because she had practically grown up with Roy and his siblings,when she lost her father at the age of six in a plane crash and her mother who had been a housewife had to bring Gwen and her younger brother up.
After the exhibition he found out that he couldn’t get Gwen out of his mind.He wanted to ask Roy for her number,but he didn’t know if she was single or had a boyfriend or was even married.A lady as beautiful as that had to be taken. They met again at a party organised by mutual friends.she had been the one who walked up to say Hello. Hi, do you remember me Roy’s friend we met at an Art Exhibition? Yes I do “Ade replied. They sat together through out the event and chatted like long time friends. After the party,they exchanged contacts and started calling her.First they became friends and within the next six months were an item.They liked the same things,they both liked Art,they had the same taste in music and could talk to each other about anything.They were together for three years.There was a guy called Joe who had always been intrested in Gwen. She had never paid him any attention, she said she just saw him as a friend.Joe was also an Architect and owned a very successful Architectural firm.Joe was still after Gwen even when she told him she was getting married to Ade. Joe had wanted her to work for him but Ade refused because he couldn’t stand the idea.He really disliked Joe but he never felt threatened by Joe when it came to Gwen’s love for him but he did not want Joe around her. When they were together, he was the happiest man on earth. His friends liked her,and they envied him.His sisters Fola and Jennifer,accepted her, she had a warm personality and was friendly not forgetting very Beautiful.Fola and Gwen clicked from day one,they became good friends.
The only people that did not accept her were his parents. His father was outraged ,”Ade you know I have always wanted you to get married to Tola Afolabi. Her father and I have always talked of your union since you were kids. And you know Tola loves you! This girl you want to marry ,where is she from? Who is her father? Does she know who you are? How do know she is not a Golddigger? I will only give my blessing if its Tola you marry.
His mother did not help matters either,she was never warm to Gwen,she also loved to use any opportunity to bring Tola’s name up especially in the presence of Gwen or invite Tola to any family gathering or party they had.
It also didn’t help that Tola liked to come to his house uninvited and Gwen had met her at his place several times with Tola always making her departure very dramatic and suspicious.Tola was very jealous of Gwen and always didn’t miss the opportunity to say something nasty or disturbing to Gwen. Gwen had been worried,but she would always tell him that she trusted him but she didn’t trust Tola.
At that time, Gwen had been working as an Event planner but wanted to start her own business as an Interior decorator but didn’t have start up capital. He had offered to give her the money several times but she had refused.She would always smile and say that she didn’t want any one to call her a Golddigger.
She always said she could never love anyone the way she loved Ade. But all that love dissappeared .She had dumped him and left the country with Joe.He later found out that she had been pregnant for Joe.
A loud sound broke through his line of thought and he discovered it was his cell phone ringing. The time said 3am. Who could be calling at this time?there was no name on the caller ID which was strange because only family and very close friends had this number,and he had everyone’s number stored on his phone,he didn’t want to pick but had an afterthought that could bean an Emergency. Ade picked up the phone “Hello. A female voice came on,”Ade”,he was chilled to the bone.He knew that voice anywhere,It was Gwen.He cut the call. Five seconds later his phone rang again,he stared at his phone trying to decide if he should pick the call. Should he pick the call?

To be continued………….



  1. Kayode says:

    Don’t pick that call. What is in the past remains in the past. It is obvious Ade still loves her, he won’t have peace of mind after picking that call,he will just keep thinking about that lady. Don’t pick. A word is enough for the wise.

  2. Sugar Mama says:

    Am I the first to comment 🙂

  3. Tola says:

    Pick the call,she might just want to reconnect with Ade,explain and also explain why she broke up with him. Maybe even ask for forgiveness.

  4. Eno says:

    If I was in Ade’s shoes I won’t pick that call.After breaking my heart,what more do you want to say?

  5. lala says:

    This is so Intresting,when are you going to post the part 2? Nice work. Emm, please in the story let them kiss .And if it not too much to ask a bedroom scene. (Don’t judge,yes you! I can see you judging already)

  6. sugar mama says:

    So I wasn’t the first 😦 , anyway,Ade if you pick the call prepare yourself for whatever comes next. I think Gwen wants you back.

  7. IDGAF says:

    Pick that call,set the p and carry on with your girlfriend. When you get married, make sure you send an invitation card to gwen or whatever her name is for the wedding.

  8. john says:

    Nice! Don’t pick the call

  9. Roy says:

    *singing in usher’s voice* there is always that one person that will always have your heart. Lmao! See set up! I never wish to be in this guy’s shoes. Choi!

  10. Hannah says:

    Nice one Audrina!

  11. sugarmama says:

    Hahahahaha ,some of the comments are just cracking me up. @IDGAF ,you really don’t give a fuck.

  12. Hannah says:


  13. Daniel says:

    I am Intrested to see how this will end.

  14. Gloria says:

    Wow! Who wrote this? Audrey did you write this? This is a nice love story .And its from a guys’ perspective. Anticipating the concluding part.

  15. dimple says:

    Hmmm..interesting..let’s nt assume Gwen 1ts 2 com bk, nytin cn happen..let’s kip ur fingers crossd. waitin 4 pt.2 *restless*

  16. Amfani says:

    Wow Aldrey that was exetremely professional am so haPpy for you

  17. Gloria says:

    @ sugar mama is there a prize for commenting first?

  18. Gloria says:

    I am also #teampickthecall

  19. John Okonji says:

    Till the next episode…

  20. pherrari says:

    Hmmmm.. Audrey.. I’ll be keeping tabs on this one.. & yes, I think Lala is on point.. There should also b a “making love” scene u know.. That’ll make it a perfect love story.. *wink*

  21. Dosh says:

    i think he should pick the call and find out why she ended the relationship

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