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Everything would be okay in the end, if everything is not okay, then its not then end .. This is how I motivate myself.
Have you ever felt alone, so tired of life ,frustrated and tired of trying so hard over and over again without getting results and you like you are hanging on to your last strength and you want to give up? Please don’t give up. It is when things are the hardest, that’s when a miracle is coming.
You may have had so many disappointments, so many people have told you No, friends have turned their backs on you and no one even believes in you. You know what all you need is one Yes. All you need is someone to believe in you. I believe in you. You can make it, If you can dream it you can achieve it.
Nothing is impossible. Just try to imagine the inventor of the television sharing his idea for the first time with people. His friends may have thought that he has gone mad. But look today, there is almost no place in the world that there isn’t a television set. Or should we get started with the inventor of the light bulb. There are so many examples to give, but the lesson to take from each of them is “never give up”.

Here are a few steps to help in motivating yourself:

Cut away from anyone who does not believe in you, they will only bring you down. Surround yourself with people who understand and see your vision.
Look at yourself in the Mirror each day and say to yourself ,I can do it,I am a winner.
Make a plan of how you are going to get things done. Like the saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Hard work: Any very successful person will tell you that one of the secrets of success is Hard work. Do not waste your time playing around or feeling sorry for yourself I can never achieve anything and it never will.
Always and I repeat “Always” say positive things to yourself every day. Also make sure people around you stay positive or are positive people.


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