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With the rise in breakups and divorces in this day and time,it is very Important that all couples try their best to make their relationships work.Make no mistake thinking couples that stay together have it easy.The simple fact is they know that they want to be together and they work hard at making their Relationships work.
Here are some tips on how to make your make your Relationship with your significant other

Have your special time. The both of you should always make time for each other to spend alone uninterrupted by anything e.g. phones or anyone.
Do not be too clingy or over dependent on your partner.
Try to make Sacrifices for each other.
Maintain your Trust between each other. Once one person starts getting suspicious of the other without good reason, there is always a disaster waiting to happen.
Encourage each other and be each other’s biggest fans.
Spice up your Relationship by being spontaneous/ trying different things. Don’t fall into Routine mode, variety is great for any Relationship.
Forgive and Forget. Resentment and Bitterness has never helped and will never help anyone. As difficult as it seems to forgive and forget, doing so can bring peace to the soul.
Try to Improve on your communication to each other. Let there be proper understanding about the things you like, the way you are talk to etc. And also let there also be secret code between the both of you as this can draw you both closer together.
Learn to be Patience and Tolerant of one another.Some times its usually what attracted you to your partner that ends up irritating you the most about the person.Its always good to learn to be tolerant of one another.

Employ any of this tips and thank me


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