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Quick tips on how to look chic without spending so much.

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Everyone woman loves to look good and are trendsetters in fashion. However many are of the belief that before they look good what they wear has to be very expensive. Well they got that wrong, it’s just a matter of combining the right clothes meant for your figure and what you are comfortable in.
Let me give you some tips on how to look good effortlessly.

1. A Jacket over a Top and Pants
Note however to choose bright colors. Not too bright but the type of color that will get you noticed. Your pants/trousers should always be fitted i.e. fitted to your body, fitted but not tight. Then wear a nice jacket over it. The length of the jacket depend on on your size and torso . Accessorize as desired but don’t go over the top. Pair up with the right shoes and bag/purse depending on the outing and you are good to go.

2.A Top/blouse/shirt and a skirt

Pairing a top/blouse over a skirt is always a very good combination.Remember that fitting is the key to making the clothes look great on You.

Long skirts are back in fashion ,as we saw on Actress Kristen Durnst and on Toolz Long skirts look better usually if they are high waisted and are they three quarter skirts.

3. Brooches
Never underestimate a brooch and the wonders it can do for your outfit. Use brooches that compliment the look/appearance your going for. A brooch can change an outfit from completely boring to stylish and Elegant.

4. A dress
You can never go wrong with a dress. It works every time and helps cover does Bulges that you want to hide. You can either either sew the dress or buy it,which ever ever you prefer,especially these days. Since the Ankara Revolution a lot of people prefer to sew their dresses,to make creative designs. The best type of dress are the ones that end slightly above the knee, the dress shows a little bit of leg but not too much leg.A little tip to know if you should wear heels or flats with your dresses is this,place your arms on both sides of your body,if u dress is longer than the tip of your fingers you should wear heels,but if your dress is the same length as your fingers or shorter than them,wear flats.



  1. Femi says:

    These are are actually very simple ways of looking good come to think of it. Not bad.

  2. Alexis says:

    I like the brooch tip. You are right,a brooch can transform whatever you are wearing.

  3. Chayanne says:

    I want to see pictures too!

  4. Bisola says:

    You know what? You should consider being a celebrity stylist. By the way where are the pictures?I want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rita says:

    Too much style network :). Great tips though

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